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We are looking for...


a good web page designer..... to improve our site..... Is this you?

We would like you, To make changes were necessary to our website, to maintain the website, and deal with any problems that might appear at any time of the day or night.


The right candidate will see the potential in our website and will be willing to make it as great as they possibly can. After all, it will be your site too.


You must also have the time available to take this project on 100%

You will be no good to us, if there a problem with the website, and when contacted, you tell us you are to busy.

That being said, once the major changes are done it will be mostly be, maintenance, errors within the site, that will need your immediate attention and when we need to do updates or upgrades.


About us...

We are, Byecoins Auction Services, auction and buy now site...


Our New venture, is a auction website specializing in the sale of Coins, Stamps medals, notes, bullion and anything considered currency and collectible within that category We believe what gives us a good start is we have been selling coins for 5 years, and can easily put up 2,000 + listings by our self and have already listed 600 + listings. so my point is, we have not had to start a new auction website that has no items for sale.


We already have over 20,000 followers on our Facebook, and we also have a list of almost 3,000 potential customers who specialize in coins and stamps. we will be contacting them when the website is working better. Many of these company's have 100's if not 1000's of adverts themselves.


The top selling auction site has 4,660,900 listings for coins and 8,280,011 listings for stamps

then there are other big names like Amazon and Catawiki and other's.


If we can get just 5% of the top auction site, coin and stamp listings in the 1st year and I think we can, we will be well on our way to be taken seriously.


What are we offering....


You will become a 10% partner of Byecoins auctions,

Your income from byecoins will totally be from commission, 10% from any and all profits made from byecoins............ So you will have a interest in the website working, the site does well, so will you.


Please Note: ( you will not receive any income from the Sales of davlin coins & M D stamps, these are a separate entity.)

Best Match



Who are we looking for.


This opportunity would suit a student or someone early in there career, who already excels in there field,


Your own ideas and inspiration will be welcome in making this site unique.

We want this site to stand out from the rest.

The right candidate must excel in all aspects of web design, as our site is not your standard site.

You will be expected to be able to add features, and make changes to the auction/buy now part of our site, as well as being able to make changes to how payments are made to this site. Hopefully though papal.

Also modernisation of our home page and good understanding of SEO.



( 1 ) It would be nice if you lived or can move to Kent, UK, as it would be nice to be able to talk face to face at times.

( 2 ) You must be able to Speak English clearly.


For more information fell free to contact us. admin@byecoins.co.uk

Check out our website. Byecoins.co.uk.


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Reading the spec it looks like you need a number of different skills, most of which have nothing to do with being a website designer.

I doubt you will find anyone willing to take on this role. The provision of 24/7 support will require a whole team of people covering a range of different functions. And they will not do this on commission.

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I'm actually a bit disgusted by this advert. You think it's acceptable for a developer to work all day and all night for free? Sounds like slavery to me!

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This is hilarious. You want someone to work full time, available 24/7, never busy, an 'expert', can move location to Kent (so you can avoid Skype), all for free. Even if your project is successful, you wouldn't be turning a profit for a long time, and you'll likely need to re-invest if you do, so it's basically 10% of nothing. You also need a heavy marketing budget, good branding etc, having a certain number of FB followers doesn't guarantee users.

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