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As a freelancer I would like to know how other freelancers approach these wishes from a current client:

- a redesign of the current WooCommerce webshop;
- webshop developments based on an existing theme with customizations;
- configuring plugins the webshop;
- design about 35 new banners;
- a customized solution for business related people to login and show bulk prices on same public product pages;
- a membership solution;
- enhancing 100 product photos using photoshop;
- a lot of products that need to be entered to the webshop manually;
- buying the necessary plugins for client;
- using plugins you already bought for other clients.

Project duration: 4 weeks.

How would you price this??

Also: how do you deal with new things that you haven't development yet and find really hard to find a price for? Like you can't say how many hours you need in order to build it.

Hope to get some advices from you guys. I'd very much appreciate any help.

Kind regards,


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Hi Manas...

A lot depends upon the country that your client is located in. If your client is located in USA, UK, or Canada, you can check the local (per hour) prices there and charge according. Whereas as in India, it is much cheaper.

In a large project, it is very difficult to estimate the total cost. So you need to break it up into parts and charge them per milestone. After you complete each milestone, kindly ask for payment. 

In case of redesign of website with customization, you need to check the total hours per milestone, then add 25% additional time to it in case it takes more time. If you employ other  freelancers charges, then kindly add their costing also. 

For plugin cost, check the selling prices and add 25% more for installation and setup.

For banners, you will need to check the standard prices or ask another company. 

Data entry prices are far lesser than design and development. 

After your draft a total, add your overhead and profit and then send the quote to your client.




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