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Hello, I should have a question. We develop our e-shop and try to link the instagram feeds with our site (create a gallery of images on a certain hashtag). Despite the instafeedjs (it's jS, but maybe another alternative will be needed - PHP, for example), it worked good just for a specific ID. The problem is that I need photos from the entire instagram, which are filtered to a certain hastag eg #KFC. Does anyone have experience with it? Does anyone know how to do it? Or does anyone have a link where the information needed to look for it?

We do not use any CMS due to bad experience, not only in our group, but in general. We write everything from base (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.)

Thank you very much in advance, any answer would help me.

PS: Sry for my bad English :p :D

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    • By Gee_suss
      Hello. I have a curious case of a missing footer. I needed to add a lot of text to a page so the page is very long. When I first started to develop the text the footer was still there but as more text was added the footer suddenly disappeared. I find this very strange and I would like the footer to come back.
      Here is the link. www.mala.co.uk/privacy
      If you have a look at the other pages you will see the footer I mention above. Any ideas?
      Many thanks in advance.

    • By Gee_suss
      I need to put a link in the footer and create a new privacy page for this website (www.mala.co.uk). The footer is in php and is pasted into the code of each page. What I have done is created a test server and I have copied all of the files via ftp to this new location so I can make the changes.
      What I have found is that the website does not display correctly and none of the CSS or PHP is showing. Even though all I have done is copy all the files from one place to another.
      I did not create the website and I am wondering if the previous developer has done something to stop it being amended or copied. I am somewhat a novice but though I would be able to make the simple changes.
      PLEASE HELP! Kind Regards...

    • By BrowserBugs
      A bit stumped really. I'm trying get get a live test for given urls, mainly the url you're currently on. I've the following which works, but never on the page you're viewing, it just hangs so I'm missing something for sure;
      <?php function pageReport($var) { $ch = curl_init($var); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_VERBOSE, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 1); curl_exec($ch); $arry = curl_getinfo($ch); curl_close($ch); return $arry; } $wdf = pageReport('https://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/forum/95-server-side/'); print_r($wdf); // Works $other_page = pageReport('https://www.mydomain.co.uk/other-page.php'); print_r($other_page); // Works // However add the following and it goes squiffy... $this_page = pageReport('https://www.mydomain.co.uk/test.php'); // this is the page we're testing on print_r($this_page); ?> I'm sure it freaks due to some weird double connection on the current page? Any ideas around this?
      Update: After much digging a few articles the best answer to what's happening; "Be aware that if you're issuing the CURL request to your own site, you're using the default session handler, and the page you're requesting via CURL uses the same session as the page that's generating the request, you'll run into a deadlock situation." stackoverflow.
      For me i'm still struggling, I've a cron approach I'm working on to generate for each page at set intervals and saving the array for inclusion; essentially running this page on it's own is fine for any urls on the site as it never tests self. It's a small site so not many to do, would rather a cleaner method if anyone has any ideas?
    • By lcot
      I am on the search for a jQuery or even vanillaJS-based plugin that can replicate similar functionality to that of the 'FIND WHAT MATTERS' section of this web HOMEPAGE . It is the 'team grid' section where there are rows of responsive images, and a dropdown container beneath each row that contains dymanic content dependent on which 'accordian item' or image was clicked on.
      You can see a screenshot here: https://monosnap.com/file/M8zQInDm6d3IQ84QOb49Y0JqSlA78F
      The grid is responsive, shrinking from 8 per row, to 3 per row on mobile and the dropdown expands beneath the row of the image, no matter the screen size.
      Does anyone know of any plugin that can achieve this functionality, or am I going to have to develop this by myself?
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