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New Website Design

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What sort of website? How do you plan to market the website? Are you selling something, providing services, entertaining or is it an info site? Have you written the content? Do you have imagery?

What do you consider a reasonable price? For some £5000 might be reasonable.

there are a zillion things we need to know before putting a quote together.

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I don't want to put details on here as its unique website and only want to release details to person who will be doing it. 

I was just asking if anyone has had good experiences with hiring Web designers in general. 

Thanks for reply. 

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It all depends on the type of site. Can’t recommend a developer until I know even the most basic details.

Some developers only do ecommerce, others specialise in one type of platform. Some do the imagery others will want the images supplied.

at the very least can you indicate the general scope of the project.

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In which case I hope you have a decent budget. Anything to do with social media with cost a wodge and then ten times that amount for marketing.

If you have £10K spare you might find someone.

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12 hours ago, Roberto182 said:

Yeah I have had quotes around that price already. Was just hoping someone had used someone a bit cheaper and had good experience. 

Those with skills and experience won't be cheap. A project like this will need a number of skills so it's likely you would be engaging a team not a single developer.

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