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UI design feedback

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    • By BrowserBugs
      Hi Gang,
      Want to pick the brains of a front end if possible. I'm looking to create a filter where the range can be anything from 1-50 all the way to 1-31000. Input type range or number with min / max set seems the best approach but not sure which is easier to use or more "fitting" for this sort of thing, maybe range with stepping but then hitting 353 in a 31000 range would be a nightmare so would need to work out realistic stepping, or is there a better way? The range is for filtering places with a maximum capacity, idea is the visitor can filter out things too small.
      Any ideas or advice appreciated.
    • By td-dev
      Hi everyone!
      Please help
      in CSS frameworks dimensions now is set up by rem em units, and also it can be units like 1.25
      in Sketch we use pixels, and subpixels are not the best practice.

      But how I can make a proportion in margins and paddings when I design an interface 
      For example 1rem = 16px - and i need to set padding to 1.618rem ?

    • By tomkkat
      Hey everyone! I just launched my UX portfolio -- check it out. any feedback is appreciated! thanks! 
    • By Esteban
      Hi, I'd appreciate some help with what I'm trying to create as I don't even know what it's called to google it.
      I'd like to make something with similar functionality to this: http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/beneath-the-thinking-cap/#
      I have both the graphics I need and can create slices from the graphics in photoshop, - is there a tool I can use to create this effect?
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