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There are a lot of good UX developers out there its kinda confusing to choose which is best. This link would be of great help.  I've come across this site before and this is a good answer in hiring developers for your site.

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    • By Graziano40
      I'd like to earn some money writing guest posts, let's make a list of places where you can add your articles about WordPress. Any ideas?
    • By BrowserBugs
      Hi Gang,
      I'm half way through a few articles about SEO for designers and developers and my wife was proofing one to check it flows and she asked "so what are you going to do with it once finished" and that threw me a curve ball, I've no idea.
      So I was wondering where to share my ramblings. I could make a blog but then I've no idea how many articles i'd write, it could get old. I could try to submit my article to a blog which allows guests but then I'd hate for it to end up on artciles4seos.biz or some shizzle like that. The alternative would be it would make ok forum fodder to bore you all.
      So those with blogs; are the hard to keep on top of? I'm not looking to 'gain' business from this, more share experience, data and methods which could help some designers and developers pick up some tips they might no have thought of.
    • By jexismyname
      Can you guys help me out for SEO.. i really have no idea... thank you for kind and concerns
    • By vorda89
      I'm not really a big expert, so I need help
      I'm working on a page where the main topic is tourism and seeking accommodation. I have a lot of types of accommodation in different places. I want to make a form in which the chosen type of accommodation and location on the page to display the selected accommodation in chosen city or island. I need a code or any tipe of help! tnx
      something like this...see picture
      working in css, html, java, jquery ...

    • By DigitalSoulArts
      Hi, as the title says, I am new to html 5, and I have a question about what tag to use in a fairly common situation.
      I have a list of blog posts, which are basically articles, but they are shortened and once you click on them you get the whole article.
      When I open the whole post I am going to wrap the content in an article tag, but what should I do with the shortened versions?
      To be defined as an article they should be able to stand on their own, but since they display only a portion of the article I think that's clearly not the case.
      So, should I use the section tag on each of those elements or just wrap the whole thing in a section labeled "latest post" and use div's to wrap each element, does it even matter which tag do I choose in this case?
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