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xampp on linux mint

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Finally got it working! Only wish I knew how, but some undocumented random combination of chown and chmod actualy did the job for the first time ever.

Trouble is I can't remember the long key sequences I have to type faultlessly into that blinking black box the terminator to start it up on a Monday morning. In Windows I would have dragged the executable onto the start menu with my right button and made a shortcut in half a second, but you can't do that in linux. The terminal is the most stupid way to start a program ever invented.

Sorry to vent. Off to google and copy paste the commands now.



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Why not install it from the different sources Apache, MySQL and PHP (google LAMP server on linux mint)

If thats not an option you can run

echo "{your command here}" > startXAMPP ; chmod +x startXAMPP then all you have to do each time is ./startXAMPP


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Do you need to run the commands again? It sounds like you've just been setting permissions on folders that may not have had the right permissions before.

Another thing you can do is to create an alias for commands you use often - https://jonsuh.com/blog/bash-command-line-shortcuts/.

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