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Can't figure out the style codes to edit this button

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Is that your site or a site you want to emulate?

Either way it's a pants button.

However, if it were me I set the width/height of the button, add a border and then do radius:50%; All you then need to do is position the text in the centre.

But you are using Divi so anything you do is going to be yuk code. Divi really is the devil's spawn and should be expunged along with anything else Elegant Themes has created.

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(In vast majority of cases) Don't give button styles a width and a height, it's horribly fragile.  What if the text changes?  what if the text needs to wrap?
What you should do is instead give it some padding.  The only time a width should be give is when you want it to span the full width of it's container.


.btn {
  padding: 1em 2em;

.btn--full {
  width: 100%;
  text-align: center;

.btn--primary {
  // some cosmetic styling

Is suffice for basic button styling.  Of course if you want a perfectly round button then you need an explicit width and height and some way of vertically centering the text (display table or position absolute + transform: translate hacks).  This is still fragile however.

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I can't see that button on the url you gave but this tip might help if you ever get stuck like this again: 

In Chrome hold CTRL+Shift and hit Delete,  you'll see Chrome Dev tools launch (see the screenshot). Now hover over / click on the button or whatever you want to find out about.

Dev tools will show you the code and the CSS:



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