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i'm building a wordpress site for a friend and we need either free or cheap hosting. So far they all seem to have some kind of draw back (like being down for 1 hour a day, or not being able to use your own domain name with it).

Can any of you recommend a free web hosting service that actually has no major drawbacks for a simple brochure style website?

Or a really cheap one. I've been checking out these guys: http://www.go4hosting.com/uk/shared-hosting.htm

and they say they are less than a buck a month. GoDaddy is $4 and many other companies are coming in at 3-4 bucks a month. Anyone have any experience with them?




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1 hour ago, fisicx said:

Cheap hosting = poor service.

Pay more and get good service. I use https://www.hihosting.co.uk/bloghosting.html

£3/month is pretty cheap. And their servers are in the UK which is a bouns.

Why are people always looking cheap or free?? If this is for your business then it's not gonna succeed by scrimping on the things that matter.  If you get any real volume of traffic your site will go down.  Even less cheap but still shared hosting will be flaky - what if another site on the server uses up all it's resources?  Yours will grind to a halt.
These cheap ones rarely give you SSH access which is a bare minimum these days.  I couldn't imagine using FTP for deployment even 5 years ago.

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2 Ways you can do this... As a designer...

1. You can do it the easy way, and make yourself look good, and give yourself no headaches...

2. Try to get everything for nothing or cut corners, look like a complete amateur who doesnt know what he is doing, and lose business because of it, whilst building a bad reputation.

At least if you do really want to follow option 2, as you have suggested, you wont be alone as there are a lot of "designers" following the path to nowhere. Heck we have picked up the peices for their clients countless times, often giving the work to our own hosting clients who we can actually trust to follow good practice..

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As others have suggested, don't go for free, as it will make you and your friend look bad. 

Make a shortlist of hosting companies, then look not only at the price but also what they offer - website space, bandwidth and features such as script installers like softaculous which will allow you to install scripts like wordpress in one click. 

Once you have this shortlist, look them up and check to see if they have any reviews (good or bad)


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Thanks for the feedback guys. Can you suggest a good reasonably priced hosting setup? This will just be a brochure style wordpress website so don't need any special features really. Just a reliable service. He is based in Mexico and most of his clients will be coming from North America. So maybe better to go with a US side server?

What do people think about the Wordpress.com or GoDaddy deals?

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Yes, a US based serviced will be better.

How big is this brochure site? Hundreds of pages? Will he be getting thousands of visitors?

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Check out hostwithlove.com they have 4 locations in the US and prices start from $3.90 per month.

They use Hostdime's Data centres.




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I doubt it will consist of more than a dozen pages. The most taxing thing on it will be an application form and maybe some nice gallery sliders. Planning on making it Wordpress. We've decided to go with Host With love - Thanks Inventive for the suggestion. Also found some discount vouchers online.

Well let the fun commence. Thanks guys :)

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Why is that taxing? There are dozens of contact form plugins to choose from. And sliders should be avoided where possible as the UX on touchscreens is very poor.

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