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A typical webdesign client that I service has the following analytics over a typical calendar year for 2017:

Technology: Primary browser = chrome, primary os = windows (7), primary screen resolution = 1024x768 ?

Mobile: Primary device type = desktop then mobile then tablet in distant 3rd,  

     Primary device = Apple iPhone. 

QBQ is if primary device is desktop, and primary resolution is 1024x768 (ipad?), and primary mobile device is iPhone, how can this be? Are there desktop computers that use default resolution of 1024/768? 



On a side note, I myself have a 22" monitor with default resolution of 1920px wide but find I need to zoom in to 1536. Anyone else? Just curious. How does this affect how you design websites (other than making them responsive). 

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The screen resolution only applies to mobile screen resolution. For example, the most common resolution on a site I work on (which is 95% desktop) is 360x640!

The reason the primary (mobile) device is iPhone is because all the different Apple models are lumped-together in one category, as opposed to what happens with Android. 

EDIT: if you go to Mobile>Overview, then select Screen Resolution as the secondary dimension, you should see the non-mobile resolutions.

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Many non mobile devices also use double pixel density etc, in fact most modern screens do this to some degree - ultra HD.

Nobody should be concerned at all about how many pixels visiting devices have, just ensure that the UI looks great from 320px upwards and that images do not appear too blurry on high end devices.  There's no need to over think / complicate this.

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