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The best solution for my problem? (WordPress, domain, new site)

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I am a new webdesigner who has got her first client. 

My project with this client is to redesign his current website. The problem is that we are going to transfer the domain to my hosting service and once the transfer is complete, his website would be our of service. That's why I've decided to leave the domain as it is for now. 
I would like to create the new website on WordPress while the current website is still ON... but how do I do this?

The solutions I have so far are:

- To create the new website in a subdomain. I have read about redirecting but  if I do that, does it mean people will have to go to subdomain.com to be taken to maindomain.com? because what I want is  to change the subdomain address to the main domain... (subdomain.com to maindomain.com) , so people go directly to it. Is it complicated to do with Wordpress?

- I have read about a temporary URL but it seems complicated.

- My other solution is to buy another domain, work the new website there and then migrate it to the client's domain. (I don't know why this solution seems easier to me) 

- The other solution is to create a "under construction page", that's a cool solution but I would like to avoid it.

I don't know if this sound dumb for you but I am new and I'm learning in the process. I never imagined I would have my first client this quick and now I'm freaking out.  

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Happy Holidays!

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Create a sub domain and install wordpress. When you are happy with the new site copy the whole thing to the domain root. That way the old site remains live.

I have a domain I use for just this sort of thing. I create a sub-domain for each new project and once complete create a clone and install in the correct location:

Wordpress has some good advice on how to do this: https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

But I usually use the duplicator plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/

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Hi @YoyoGlvz and welcome to WDF :)

The easiest thing to do IMO would be to create the new website on a subdomain or a subdirectory so the current website is live while you're working on the new one. Once ready you can then simply move the new website to root.

Perhaps you'll need to read more on how to move Wordpress from one directory to another or from one hosting to another.

Here are a few search results to get you started:

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=move wordpress site from subdirectory to root

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=move wordpress site from subdomain to root

Here's what WP codex says: https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress


In addition to the above - you could use a plugin of some sort I guess, but should you decide to learn how to do it without a plugin, it's pretty easy:

- copy all the files in the directory where you have your WP installed.

- replace all dev urls (if any) with the live site url within all files.

- paste the files in your root directory (delete everything there prior to moving the new files, make a backup, etc.)

- get a dump of the database

- replace all dev urls within the database with the live site url

- create a new database and import your sql dump

- edit WP-config.php if needed, to update the DB username and pass.

That's pretty much it and you may need to go to Permalinks and press save to flush the permalinks (in case all internal pages return 404 after the transfer).


Hope that helps. Feel free to post if you run into any troubles :)

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The duplicator plugin does all the heavy lifting for you. Install on the source domain and create a new package. Download the zip and the installer file.

Copy both to the root of the target and run the installer. It's a very neat plugin and once it's done it's job you can delete.

Makes life so much simpler


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