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    • By DesignLab360
      Can you give me a feedback? I designed a responsive one-page business  template with Elementor Pro. Elementor is a page builder.
      Please be honest. Link: http://themelab.cloudaccess.host/
      I want to boost my portfolio.
    • By drkirkby
      I have circular logo for my company. That's cyan and red. I don't want to change that, as I have it on stationary, some labels attached to products sold etc.
      I do however want to add the logo to a website, with the company name. At the minute, my design is the one you see with "Kirkby Microwave" written in a gray text, to the right of the circular logo. I'd appreciate any thoughts of its design, or how it could be improved. The site it is on is https://www.kirkbymicrowave.co.uk/ I think there are a number of issues with the design of that site, most noticeably the menu structure is a bit poor, and the site looks dated. But that's not my main concern at the moment. I want to get a decent logo.
      Currently the site is written with a text editor (vi) using XHTML and CSS, but it looks as though I will need to use something like WordPress in order to give the site a more modern feel.

    • By Gee_suss
      Hello. I have a curious case of a missing footer. I needed to add a lot of text to a page so the page is very long. When I first started to develop the text the footer was still there but as more text was added the footer suddenly disappeared. I find this very strange and I would like the footer to come back.
      Here is the link. www.mala.co.uk/privacy
      If you have a look at the other pages you will see the footer I mention above. Any ideas?
      Many thanks in advance.

    • By Roberto182
      I am looking to create a new website and was hoping someone could recommend a reasonably priced designer/company who I could work with? 
    • By Bravel
      There is an messenger app ui design, what did you think about this work
      Behance link
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