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Please complete my end user evaluation

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I need to ask you guys a huge favour, I am doing a project at university on web design and would really appreciate it if anyone would be able to fill in my end-user evaluation of this website.

Here is the link. 

Please see the attached file for the evaluation, I've tried to keep it as quick as possible 1f601.png😁270c.png✌️

Once filled in would you be able to email the document back to me.

My email is: 1702739@rgu.ac.uk

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


End user eval..docx

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Hi Alan

I've completed your evaluation. However, I'd recommend using a link to a free survey site like Survey Monkey rather than a Word doc as people will be unsure about downloading it.

Best of luck with your university course.

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Hey Jo, thank you soo much for filling that in for me. Great point with the survey monkey idea too.

Sorry i should have been more clear, we were not allowed to have use back end, just simulate the flow with front end. This is why there is just a default profile.

Honestly such a huge help though, getting these things filled in is a challenge!

Have a nice day :)

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