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Will Litespeed really make your website fast?

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I was wondering if it was worth the upgrade. The CMS I'm using is Wordpress. Anyone here have first hand experience?

Can't say I've ever used litespeed but there are a few things you can do to improve website speed in general. I'll list them below...


  1. Use a good VPS they are inherently faster than shared hosting
  2. Get rid of plugins you absolutely do not need
  3. Take advantage of caching
  4. Use a CDN such as cloudflare

Those are just a few tips, you can find even more by doing your research online regarding the subject.

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As well as the above, PHP7 shouldn't be overlooked, it's significantly faster than 5. If you're not on 7 then look at getting a VPS server running it, even managed VPS hosting is pretty cheap nowadays, there's not really any benefit to using shared hosting unless you're new to it all.

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Agree with all the above.


If your WordPress site is uses a bloated theme, relies on umpteen plugins and your content it poorly optimised then using Litespeed won't help.


If you assemble a WordPress site properly you don't need Litespeed.

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