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Export all contact addresses from an old site

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I am in the process of taking over a local societies website. All the email addresses are stored on the webmail system of the site and according to the group it is for, there are no backups!


The previous designer wants to close down the old site, deleting all the data . He is not being very helpful about it either.


I am by no means an expert, just someone who has done a few charity sites for friends and enjoy doing them.


I was hoping that I would be able to just take over from the last admin and transfer the domain and hosting service into my name, but it seems not.


I am keeping with the same hosting service, as they seem to say that they can transfer the contacts over to me, although they seem a bit vague about it. Is there a way to copy all the addresses (about 300) so that as a last resort they could be re-input?


Thanks for any advice.

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It is indeed a minefield with potential for nightmare if the data (the old emails and addresses) are of any importance. You need to log on to the existing email server and make a local backup (or three). I don't know of a way of backing up email data that is easy to read directly, you may need to use your backup to put the old email folders onto the new server. In theory you can do the operation with Thunderbird, but it isn't particularly easy or simple and you can balls it up (at least I can).


I once connected Thunderbird to a new server using standard imap settings and watched it delete all my data as it synched my local folders with the new empty server folders. It wasn't a nice feeling.

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You can usually export the contact list from a webmail service.


Check the documentation for the email client and I’d put money on their being a export function.


The alternative as Tim suggested is to create a pop3 account on something like thunderbird and download everything to your pc.


I’d also look for a new host, one that has an automatic backup.

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