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HTTPS won't display some of my graphics.

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Hello all,


I'm having a problem with my CodeIgniter project. I updated my site to http using codeigniter, (not by changing the .htaccess file). The HTTPS is fine, the little green padlock is showing next to my URL, however, some of my graphics are not showing as well and my ckeditor is no longer working.


Everything was fine before the change to HTTPS. I've tried absolute and relative paths to my files, but some of them don't work, while others, that use the same path are working. Does anyone know what is causing this?


Do I need to change a few lines of code in my .htaccess file? Or do I need to get a new SSL certificate? (I got my last SSL certifiacte a couple of weeks ago, before I changed to HTTPS).


Any help please?


Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like your images are set to paths that use http rather than https I.e you have code that looks something like <img src="http://


Change that to either https:// or better still just // and they'll work. Double slash will load images using the same protocol that the page uses.


I hope that helps?

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Hi Nock,


Thanks for the reply but that's not the case. The src is https://, but I'll try the // and see if that works.


Why set a protocol at all. IF CodeIgniter hasn't changed since I used it years ago you can set a base url. Simply set this to "/" to avoid issues. However, based upon the plethora of threads you're opening recently about HTTPS it sounds like your have server configuration issues.

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Thanks Rallport,


I've changed the base_url a number of times to different paths '/' being one of them, and none of them have worked. I'm going to have to check my server configuration to resolve this problem.

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