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Converting Site to Responsive

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Hi all,


I had a website built years ago as an ongoing project. It was built before responsive websites were common but now I would like to convert it.


As my site is not currently serious and pretty much a prototype for a later project I would like to learn how to code with it and then eventually convert it myself.


As the original website was built by a small company from scratch, using their own CMS, what would I need from them to take it over?


Thank you.

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It all depends. It might be as simple as right clicking for 'View Page Source' and saving.


It's possible but not likely that a small company would have their own CMS. It's probably either licensed or opensource, but in any case they should be able to give you a login. I had a site 'ripping' program once, when I used windows.


There are several different approaches to making a site responsive.


Learning html and css is enjoyable and not too hard. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I have tried the copy and pasting route previously but the code somehow seemed incompatible with sublime text and notepad+. I remember it not displaying properly anyhow. That said, I am a total novice and probably did something wrong.


The CMS on which my site currently runs is probably one of the biggest issues. I do have a login but adding content is the most frustrating task at the moment. Everything is laid out in tables and there are very limited options for me to change. If I want anything major done I have to email the company and request it, then they code it in.


They have also quoted me for converting the site to responsive but it seemed a little expensive based my on limited knowledge of how "easy" it was to convert a site.

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Everything is laid out in tables and there are very limited options for me to change.



Forget trying to make the site responsive. Bin the CMS ASAP and go find an alternative platform. Nobody should have to rely on the developer to make changes to their own site. This doesn't mean don't ever use a developer but it does mean you shouldn't be beholden to them for everything.

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Nobody should have to rely on the developer to make changes to their own site.

Bit of a sweeping statement this. If I had built a site brochure I would allow a client to perform CRUD on content and that is it. Any change to the codebase even styling would be in breach of warranty.

In CSS case the output is compiled from Sass, so any edit to the compiled CSS would just get blown out next time a recompile is done.


The reason a CMS exists is so the client can work with content and not the codebase. This is where WordPress falls down as a CMS for me as it tries to do too much rather than purely focusing on content.

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My statement was regarding content, menus, headers footer and all the other components that need editing over the life of a website. I didn't mean messing with the codebase (but it may mean the ability to edit the CSS).

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