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My name is Ryan Ormrod, and I am an enthusiastic Freelance PHP web developer specialising in eCommerce solutions. I build web software that helps manufacturing, software providers and other businesses sell their products to their customers. I try my best to build software that is user friendly, powerful and tested. I have worked on a number of major online retailers in the UK and abroad, in addition I have written software to link ERP software and been responsible for a number of bespoke plugins for different eCommerce platforms including Woocommerce, Opencart and Magento.


I want to use my skills to help businesses grow and also to assist humanity by writing software that helps in the science, medical and environmental industries.


I have joined this forum to help others that want to do the same.


As one of the most digitally dependent economies in the world we must constantly improve and build better and stronger, more powerful web sites and software.


You can find me online by using my name, if you need to get in touch.


Many thanks,
Ryan Ormrod

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