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What is the best software to create a 3D configurator?

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Why not just download the software that is used in the example you posted. Its free, you know.

The configurator is made with Blend4Web, a free add-on for Blender (a very powerful open source 3D modeling program)

The add-on allows you to compile your Blender projects into pure HTML5 / WebGL, and with a little JavaScript knowledge you can add logic, hyperlinks etc.

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On 5/1/2018 at 12:09 PM, Androidrobo said:

I have used blender in this configuration in the past. But I could hardly make anything more than simple cups and trays and chairs without waiting long hours for rendering.

With "rendering" do you mean the browsers WebGL API?

If so remember that everything in your 3D scene has to be compiled to JavaScript and transferred to the client over http and interpreted and rendered in a browser (which BTW was never designed for 3D calculations). With that in mind WebGL is pretty amazing.

No matter what software you use to publish your 3D models on the web, you will see performance problems and slow load times if your scenes are to complex. 

Also, you never know the users specs (graphic card, CPU etc.) so it's really important to optimize your scenes as much as possible.

A few tips for optimization:

  • Bake details into a normal map and use the decimate modifier to reduce the polycount afterwards.
  • Limit the number of light sources to a minimum and bake ambient occlusion and shadows into your textures rather than having them calculated in real time.
  • Compress your bitmap textures as much as posible, and try to fit your textures to square images (256x256, 512x512 and 1024x1024 with JPEG compression usually works well) 
  • If you have repeating/ similar objects in your scene, use instances (objects with the same mesh and material data) rather than unique copies

EDIT: You might also consider at gzip compression. You can either enable that in your servers configuration (.htacces file) or for the individual 3D scene

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