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Best option to customise one WP theme and never change themes again

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I am using Worpdress to build all of my websites. But I have realised that it can be very draining trying to learn a new theme with each client.


Is there a theme, framework or process to building better worpress websites without needing to learn a new theme everytime.


My issues is that i have alot of different clients which require different plug-ins for things like timetables, ecommerce, calendars etc. So if I were to use only one way of building wordpress websites then i would need all of theses plugings to still be compatible.


I tend to highly customise all of mt wordpress themes from look and feel to functionality.


I need a better way of building wordpress websites where I can still highly customise the design, funtionality but not needing to learn a new theme each time.


Hope this makes sense, any advice would help!



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Build your own theme. I did and it means I can now do whatever the customer wants in minutes.


If you don't want to build your own all I can suggest is avoiding any theme that has a page builder function, anything with drag and drop and anything with a sidebar. Mobile themes are going to become more and more important and sidebars are no good on a phone. And don't use thumbnail galleries either, thumbnails mean the visitor on a phone has to click something - they are use to scrolling so just show all the images on the pages full sized.

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Generatepress is an old school theme. It's a desktop theme adapted for mobile. Mobile first is the watchword, google is pushing this heavily and the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing means designers need to rethink how they manage layouts on small screens.


And the generatepress demo weighs in at 1.2Mb - it could easily be a fraction of that if properly optimised.

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Thanks everyone I will need to look into all of these!


@@sash_007 no i have not tried frameworks but I have been looking into it. I had a look at a couple of websites built with the Genesis framewrok and they all look very similar, do you know if customisation is highly supported on any framework?

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I built my own theme for my very first wordpress site. There are some great tutorials on how to do this, google it and you will find loads of info. The trick is to being with a simple starter theme like one of these: https://www.google.co.uk/#q=wordpress+starter+theme


Once you have got your starter theme installed it's just a matter of picking out the bits you need from the handbook: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/getting-started/


Don't try and do everything at once, add bits as you go along and you can end up with something that is lighter, faster and more sophisticated than anything on themeforest. This is the latest development in my 'starter theme': http://onepage.aerin.co.uk/ It's quite plain because it's used as the basis for client sites - all it really need to do is change the CSS to make it look pretty.

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