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Automated HTML/CSS Validation

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Hello all.


I was wondering if there are any tools available that can automate the HTML/CSS validation process. I use the tools available from W3C which are great, but was just wondering if there were any tools that could make it even easier?


I've been using a linter for awhile now, which shows errors in code on the fly.


I'm not sure if such a tool exists, but if it did someone here would know about it.


Thanks :)

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The W3 CSS validator isn't much good.


To run an analysis on your CSS for a wide array of metrics checkout Parker https://github.com/katiefenn/parker


The W3 HTML validator is about the best there is out there although it can be a little out of date when it comes to some of the meta tags and other anomalies. Make sure you are using Aria correctly to make your website accessible to users with various disabilities. HTML Validator won't tell you about this, it's good to test with screenreader technology.

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