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James Winfield

Feedback On Weather Website Please

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I hope you are all well. I'm pretty frustrated trying to finish the last bits off on some websites so I have a portfolio of websites ready when I go to a tech jobs fair in Shoreditch next weekend. Oh yeah then I need to make a portfolio. Hmmmm.


So I'm going to ask for feedback on one or two websites if you don't mind.


This is the first one that I have completed - http://ineedaweatherforecast.co.uk/


I am aware of two problems - one my responsive menu doesn't close when clicking a link on mobile - only when clicking the burger menu again, the other being that paypal doesn't send me the form data upon payment.


If anyone can give me any feedback good or bad that would be appreciated.




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Hi James,


The UX


One of the first checks to do on any website is to make sure it all works on a small screen.


You are using a tiny font on a dark background. It's almost impossible to read. The menu font size on the other hand is huge.


The backgrounds don't work well on the phone - two thirds of what I see is black. The image is so small I can't see the detail.


A dark fonts on a light coloured background works much better in nearly all cases. The font size should be large enough to comfortably read without holding the screen close.


You don't need the hamburger. You only have 4 links so you could make the menu permanent on all devices. If you really want the hamburger add the word 'menu' and give it a border - lots of testing has shown this performs better.


You have a load of icons below the content. These are too small to touch. In any case they don't make any sense. What is there on the site I would want to PIn? On a phone/tablet there is no hover so it's not clear if this is a share or a link to your FB page.


Now to the service on offer.


I clicked on 'I need a Forecast' and was presented with a form. There is no indication as to which fields are required.


The datepicker doesn't display properly on my phone (the keyboard displays covering up the datepicker).


I was able to add an update date after the forecast date.


Why do you need my country? If you have a location (Town/City/Postcode) the country isn't necessary.


When the form submitted I landed on the PayPal page and saw: jamesthemonkeh@..... doesn't look very professional. The 'return to' is missing so I couldn't get back to the site. Note: paypal won't send you the form data. You need to save the form data locally and use IPN to register payment. You can then send yourself the data.


How can I trust you? You say you will refund me but how can I be sure as there are no contact details on the site - it could be a complete scam.


There are no T&C, privacy or disclaimer pages on the site.


The questions would be much better displayed without the toggle.


You need an example forecast - so people know what to expect.


You need testimonials - if you have been doing this for a while you should be able to get some feedback from existing clients


The contact form takes me to formspree with no way to return to your site. The validation doesn't work well on a phone - I go straight to the formspree page with a 'can't send an empty form' message.


As a demonstration of your skill...


All it seems to do is show you can create a form to take me to PayPal and use jQuery for some visual effects.


What are you hoping it will demonstrate at the job skills fair?


Hopefully the above is useful. I like what you are offering but the site doesn't give me confidence and because the UX is so poor I'm not inspired to find out more.

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Hmmm that's quite a depressing dose of reality to find out how far away I am from being capable enough of getting my first junior web developer job! I guess I should think again about going to that jobs fair.


I do appreciate you taking your time out and will be going through each point you made in the coming weeks to make the corrections - or make it clearer.


There is a specific point that I don't understand when you mention "You need to save the form data locally and use IPN to register payment. You can then send yourself the data." Would I need to follow something like this? http://www.evoluted.net/thinktank/web-development/paypal-php-integration


I don't know the slightest bit of PHP/MySQL.


Thank you again - it is appreciated and will be much more so in a couple of weeks!


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This is paypal IPN: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/products/instant-payment-notification/


PayPal has a fixed number of fields it will accept: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/paypal-payments-standard/integration-guide/Appx_websitestandard_htmlvariables/


If you need more information (like the date or postcode) you can't send it to PayPal. Or more correctly, you can send it to PayPal but PayPal will just ignore it.


So what you do it save the form data locally (I add it to a database) and send off the payment details to PayPal. Once someone pays, PayPal sends back a message to a listener URL which check the message. If all is OK you can call a function to send an email with the saved form data.


I built mine using PHP as that's all I know but there are lots of example scripts you can download: https://github.com/paypal/ipn-code-samples


Don't get depressed about it. My first few sites were awful. I was well chuffed with them until people started to point out the issues. 17 years later and I'm still getting it wrong on many occasions. But the journey has been mostly enjoyable - it now means I only need to do about 12 hours work a week.

Edited by fisicx

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