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Need a repeatable white wood pattern

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    • By lcot17
      Calling for some advice/support to put forward a few ideas as to how to best achieve a design I'm working on.
      I have attached an image outlining a section in a design that has a (not skewed, but similar)  wavy curved shape on the top and bottom. The site will have a fixed container grid of 1200px but the height of the content will be variable depending on the viewport width. To make things a little more tricky too, I would like to do this with a gradient. This would cause issues with doing a static image top and bottom and a gradient background for the main content.
      Could anyone post a few quick codepen ideas to point me in the right direction? Or link me some jQuery/JS-based plugins that would be able to create something close to what I want to achieve. Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions i'm all ears (the gradient could go for example)

    • By albinlalla
      Hi there, how you all doing?

      I have been approached by a client to create their new website. I'm a student in conceptual development and design (mainly towards advertising), but I have only scratched on the surface when it comes down to coding. Today though, I have decided to really give it a go to hopefully be able to pay off some of my loans as a UI designer. My problem is that I don't know in which direction I should go in order to truly learn this craft so I'm now reaching out to you guys for some direction on how I should set up my workflow.
      I am comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator (this is basically where I'd like to set up the design and structure).
      I am familiar with wordpress and I am aware of the PSD > Wordpress process. (This seems like great workflow, but I am afraid it comes with limitations?)
      My final conclusion is that I should make my design in photoshop/illustrator, set it up in dreamweaver and then "export" it as a Wordpress compatible website so my client can make his own posts etc.
      The design I am planning to make a lot of is attached to this post (a fixed background image ). I want ot be able to create my own icons and place them wherever I want to. The effects (rollovers etc.) can be found on a theme like this (http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/vertex/)

      What kind of workflow would suit a person like me? I don't want to be limited, and I don't really want to write code, and I have a thing for wordpress.
      Tutorials and tips are welcome, direct me!
      Have a great day.

      - Albin
      My "theme":

      EDIT: Adobe Muse?

    • By dandydan1152
      I'm using Dreamweaver to create my website, and have inserted a Spry Menu Bar on my pages. Today I created some images to use as backgrounds for the buttons on my Spry Menu Bar.
      The first ones were for the menu bar itself, with the headings which you hover the mouse over to view the dropdown menus. This is the default code for the menu bar:
      ul.MenuBarHorizontal a { display: block; cursor: pointer; background-color: #00F; padding: 0.5em 0.75em; color: #FFF; text-decoration: none; } This is what I changed the code to so that it would show the background image:
      ul.MenuBarHorizontal a { display: block; cursor: pointer; background-image: url(menubaritems.fw.png); padding: 0.5em 0.75em; color: #FFF; text-decoration: none; } When I preview the page in my internet browser, it has taken the background colours off the buttons and there is nothing there (you can see straight through to the page background). I have checked and all the files are in the correct place, and all the links are set up correctly (the image is in the same folder as the CSS file). I also know that I am editing the correct part of the CSS code because I tried just changing the background colour from '#00F' to '#000', and it changed the background colours perfectly when I did that.
      So it's only when I try to create the link to the image file that it doesn't work properly (removes the background altogether). What am I doing wrong?
      Thank you for any help.
    • By nfbnnttn
      Hey guys, I've got a little thing here for you pros. HTML: <html> <head> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> <body> <div id="container"> <div id="bluebox">ON</div> <div id="redbox">ON</div> <div class="clr"></div> </div> </body> </html>  
      CSS: body { background-color:#eee; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:20px; } #container { width:320px; background-color:#fff; margin:20px auto; padding:40px; line-height:50px; text-align:center; font-weight:bold; } #container:hover { background-color:#FC3; } #bluebox { float:left; width:148px; height:48px; background-color:#0080FF; margin-right:20px; border: solid 1px #fff; } #redbox { float:left; width:148px; height:48px; background-color:#FF2626; border: solid 1px #fff; } .clr {clear:both;}  
      So, basically I want to play around with background colors here. I want to know how I can control the background color of one div by click other divs. I've designed a clear platform here to test on. The container has a plain white bg with a orangy hover bg. When I click "ON" on the blue box, i want the background of #container to change to blue and display "OFF" in the place of ON. When hovering of container while blue/red in ON, there should be no hover effect. When I click "OFF" on the blue box I want the background color of #container to revert back to its original color and display ON again. and the same with red box...click "on" and bg goes red, click "off" and you revert to normal container bg color. If you need further explanation then please ask lol. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    • By daviesgo
      I've found an image on google that I really want to use as a background on a website:
      I've done a few searches for the image and all the results are 'Desktop wallpaper' websites.
      I'm going to edit it, but don't want to get screwed if I don't ask for the right permission. I'm happy to pay for the correct licencing if I can find it!
      Anyone got any ideas what I can do, or where I may be able to legitimately acquire a licence?
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