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Gustavo Woltmann

Buying new laptop

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Dell Lattitude laptops are great, and perform really well on games...

I have an E series 13", on a docking station, running 2 x 24" screens and its brilliant...


You can pick them up on eBay for cheap with great spec too, $300 to $400 should get you a really good one, plus docking station to use when not mobile :-)

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The same problem for me. I need to buy new laptop in a short time. I am not specialist in hardware at all and strongly need your advice.

I found this site but author recommended Dell and Lenovo. I am not shure that this brends has decent quality.


My goals: programming and design (webstorm, Sublime, for js and node, local dev server, two OS (windows, linux), Photoshop, Illustrator.




Screen: 15,6 inch IPS, Full HD

SSD hard drive 256 GB (min)

Processor Intel i7 6700HQ (i5 -6300HQ) . Q - much more powerfull then U

RAM - 8 GB (min)

DDR 4 (3) 16GB

Video card: NVidia GTX 960M or GeForce (or similar)

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Comfortable keyboard!


I have 800$, but i can find extra money if laptop wll be decent.


I will greatly appriciate your advices, because now my old laptop complitely broken and i need to find new one fast. :)

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On 3/10/2016 at 4:10 PM, BEK-Server said:

its deppend how much do you want pay for it ? and what are you need and what would you do with laptop ?

" I mostly need it for internet but I would play world of tanks on it as well. Price rang it about $400-500. " :)

damn 1.5 year old  post :)

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