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Can wordpres handle large classified ad website

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Hi folks,

can you suggest and show examples if possible?
Can wordpress handle large classified add websites? Im thinking of designing a property search website and have a programmer who can write the back end on wordpress I also have an option for hiring a programmer who can write his own CMS system.

What would be suggestions?

Please help with an advice.


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A client of ours at work requested wordpress for their site involving selling and buying houses.


No problems since and was quick to develop.


Sure, I would prefer to use something else but it works. As long as its kept clean and not created from a load of plugins.

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Wordpress isn't the right solution for a "large" classifieds site.


I'd suggest you look at a dedicated classifieds platform like https://geodesicsolutions.com/ which is mature and built for purpose, or if you wanted to get your hands dirty then something like http://www.wsnclassifieds.com/ will give you a solid base to start from.

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How much traffic are you expecting ? if <1M/month go with Wordpress, if it's way more then a custom solution might be a better solution....or worse, depending on your team of programmers, I mean it, you need a team and a budget of at least $20-$30.000, if you get lower quotes don't go with them because you will loose all your money and get a crappy website that will crash or can't hold more than 100 concurrent visitors.


If you go with a custom solution, wouldn't hurt to ask me for a quote. I represent a well reputed web development agency that had built custom solutions that hold over 5M visitors a month.

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      Hope this makes some sense.
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