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    • By andreas666
      This is a quick threaded conversation concept I created, in order to specifically reply to a friend's message in a group chat.
      What do you think? 
    • By aswaqlk
      do you need in any time to make a business and dont know how you can make marketing for this business
      We are here to advice you how you can get started to build your business and make advertising to get more leads
      first of all you will need to build your website and make a design & development also you will need to creat Social media profiles
    • By altssolution
      My facebook page have 596 likes, unfortunately when i add a new photo or post it's only reach approximately 30-40 views
      all likes are organic, images and post are good and readable
      anyone please suggest me how to overcome this situation without promotion using paid
    • By Red11
      This may be a slightly daft question, and in a way hopefully it is so it isn't too difficult to answer!

      I was wondering what the best way of separating updates from a specific selection Facebook groups and pages from my main feed was? I am finding info from pages and groups is getting lost within posts from friends and is quite frustrating!

      I thought of RSS, but groups don't have feeds it seems? Is there an app out there that helps with this? Suggestions appreciated!

    • By Memphis
      Hi there,
      Im prety new here, im trying to put a share buttom on my first new website, but is a headache because i dont have experience in facebook sdk.
      I don't know is someone can help me.
      Im trying to do something like this.
      I tryed with a simple example, but nothing work.
      I attached the example file.
      thanks in advanced!
      PD: Just in case,already have my App ID.
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