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sugestions for small business eshop

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A friend of mine, wants to setup a small business eshop, with posters and paintings. Nothing special.


So i told him that there are two ways.


The first one is to say someone to make a custom eshop (actually something like that) since that it is simple enough what he wants

and the second way it to choose a ready open source eshop platform. I send him some of them but the truth is that we cannot decide which one to choose for such a usage.


So what is your opinion ? Is it a good idea the custom eshop , or he has to choose a ready platform ?


Thank you.

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About platform it's good to use magento, as the most reliable now.


nice site by the way, I like that minimalism

If you want and I think u need to have your own site ask this guys http://magecom.net about creating e-commerce web site for you

My mom also has her little e-shop


wish u good luck in you business ;)

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Arronar, It’s really good decision to set up small business of e-shop. Now-a-days there is trend of online shopping and market of Ecommerce then there is also required to use updated technology. I suggest you to choose a ready to open source e-Commerce platform.


Because after creating Ecommerce store you have require to configure different customization tool. As initial stage to start business there is enough to customize with small add-ons but after expansion of business you have to select big span of software which helps to increase sales.


I suggest you configure web to print technology with your Ecommerce store. Web to print is a technology which helps to create different design on multiple products like T-shirts, bags, caps, mugs, business cards, greeting cards, shoes design, button design, poster design, banner design and etc. To see a demo as how it will be work with your Ecommerce store about posters or banner design then I personally suggest to you go with DesignNBuy banner design software which can be easily configure with any Ecommerce platform like OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and nopCommerce. See demo here and feel your online store. By using this tool you can allow to your premium clientele to design their own thoughts or requirement on posters and as store owner you can get ready to print file and deliver to them as instant. This is not only software but it’s business tricks which will helps to habitual with your online store and increase your ROI.

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It could be a good idea to cooperate with a high skilled company. For example you can check http://ideoworks.no - they can create for you a website, dedicated mobile apps or eshop. It's a good way to open your business really quick.


I imagine that the OP has already found what they were looking for as this thread is 6+ months old!

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