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App ideas?

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As per our meeting last Thursday here is my idea for an app we can all work on. My original idea for a star reward chart (presumably for children and parents) isn't terribly exciting and could perhaps be better adapted to something we can all use.


Star reward chart (for personal projects?)


it should allow for multiple users.

it should save user data (I think we discussed localStorage?)

it should save a point value for each user

it should play a little tune with a small animation each time a user reaches a milestone

it should play a longer tune with a better animation when a user reaches a predefined goal

it should list all users and the number or stars they have received

it should show information the user wants to share

It should allow the user to determine what they want to share


to be continued...


I was thinking about it in the context of learning node or any other technology or language and though it might be good to have something like a list of goals and milestones to get to a finished goal or project.


For example, I have several side projects that I work on from time to time and I occasionally have periods of progress but the project goals are not really written down anywhere and I don't often make the time for them. Something that does help motivate me is public accountability. If I say I want to do something by a certain date or spend x amount of time per day on something I am more likely to do it if I've announced it. There are lots of apps that have todo lists and project planners but I find they do really cater to personal projects and most are quite complex. Incidentally there is an app called coach.me that does something like this but its not adapted for side projects and mainly wants you to pay someone to coach you along.


At any rate this is the beginning of my idea. Perhaps we could all come up with one and then either elaborate on them or decide on one. @@citypaul suggested using "it should" and "it shouldn't" to determine functionality.







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Hey there @@citypaul Not so bad to have a break from internet access every now and then ;)


I actually stopped short of doing the mockups and continuing the feature list as I wasn't sure to what degree everyone had agreed on the idea and thought it might be a better use of time if we collectively agree on some things before going any further. Notably whether this is the kind of app we want to build. I'm not entirely opposed to a facebook belly app if that's the direction we want to go in. Perhaps we could do a poll or something to see if we agree on this idea to begin with?


Enjoy your hols!

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