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Did search engines still allow link exchange?

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No Google does not allow link exchanges. It has been marked as spam technique. Though people are still using it by keeping it 10-15% of their total links.

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Bad backlinks will have a negative impact on your page rankings and you will end up spending your time on googles disavow tool. Depending upon your goals (short term vs long term) it is important that content quality is the focus. The overriding aim of search engines focusing on quality content is not going to disappear so its better to focus on this as your time on seo is never going to be wasted i.e. quality content is always going to be quality content.


However, forming alliances with other good quality content providers that could provide a relevent backlink partnership is a good idea, i.e a marketing consultancy website providing links to an affiliated web design company.

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I agree with idiglocal. I would add that whilst reciprocal link building to gain an unfair advantage in the search engines is bad practice, websites reciprocal link all the time when talking about each others work. That is natural conversation.


I fell foul of companies that I hired to manage my seo. They set up backlinks that later down the line ended up as being regarded as spam by Google and although I wasn't sent a warning by them my site did disappear in the search. I ran a disavow and in the last few months the site has appeared back in Google's natural search again, although nowhere near as high as before.

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As far as links go, here's what Google wants to see.


1) Quality - that means links from the main parts of well-regarded websites. Forum signature links, blog comment links and the like are basically useless for SEO.

2) Natural - Google doesn't like people gaming the system. Suddenly acquiring 2,000 links from seemingly random sites overnight isn't natural. Gradually gaining links from sites in your niche or industry is.

3) Varied - especially with regards to anchor text. If everything pointing at your site is a dofollow link with the words you're trying to rank for, Google will get suspicious. It needs to be varied.

4) One-way - links pointing to your site can be classed as earned in Google's eyes. Reciprocal links are clearly part of a link swap, and as such carry much less weight.


Hope that clarifies things for you.

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It is always safe to abide by Google guidelines. So, it is better that you don't do link exchanges. Always Be on the safer side.

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Link exchanges to irrelevant sites that are purely intended to manipulate Google will get you penalised. They are against Google guidelines. However, websites do link to each other all the time when discussing each other's work. Links need to be natural so if you're thinking of exchanging them for search engine purposes i wouldn't bother.




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I concur with idiglocal. I would include that whilst proportional third party referencing to pick up an out of line point of preference in the web indexes is awful practice, sites corresponding connection all the time when discussing every others work. That is regular discussion.

I fell foul of organizations that I employed to deal with my seo. They set up backlinks that later down the line wound up as being viewed as spam by Google and in spite of the fact that I wasn't sent a notice by them my site disappeared in the pursuit. I ran a deny and in the most recent couple of months the site has showed up back in Google's common pursuit once more, albeit no place close as high as some time recently.

It is safe to say that you are getting guests to the site? Is it accurate to say that they are purchasing stuff? On the off chance that you are getting guests yet not purchasing stuff then you have to change the site. On the off chance that individuals are purchasing stuff concentrate on motivating them to purchase more. Related items, up-offers, item gatherings et cetera.

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