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Dark Knight

Creative agency Images

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Hi All,


I am working on a fictional website for a web design agency and on the home page I want to feature a huge hero element with an auto sliding carosel of say 3-4 images.


I need some natural looking images/shots of a creative web design team working away in a studio, it's a typical feature you see on the home page on most of these kind of websites, but like I said, because this is being designed for a made up company, I need to source the images myself.


I know I could source these kind of images from typical istock images resources, but I always find they look a bit to pristine, clean white teeth smiles and too polished looking, I want something more natural looking and raw and for the lighting to be dulled down a bit, more rustic and workmanship with a screen full of sublime text code or an image of a designers/developers hand working/interacting with a modern looking app on an iphone rather than just a blacked out screen.


Attached is what I have found so far, so that at least gives you an idea of the type of images I am looking for, but like I say I don't like the polished look of these types of images.


Any suggestions guys?









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Those all look like stock images as all stock images do, if you want natural you would need some images taken by someone who knows a little about photography but is not a professional, go into almost any office and it will look like most web design businesses.

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If you don't want to use stock images then you would need to ask someone if you could use their office for a photo session. If you don't know anybody yourself perhaps try asking a few local businesses if they would oblige for a small fee. Screens could be blank in the session and then you could superimpose whatever content you wanted later using PS or any other decent image editor.


Not sure how 'natural' they will look. I find that as soon as someone knows there is a camera trained on them they stop acting naturally and immediately start to contrive.

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