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How would you intergrate GIT code control, with Expression Engine

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I've been asked to use GIT code version control, which frankly I don't know about. I'm presuming you put code in and it makes sure its say HTML 5?


Also we will be using Expression Engine to build the site, how would the 2 things intergrate would you think?


Really appreciate some advice, my boss expects, and we all kow how that feel :0)



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For starters in ExpressionEngine you need to save templates as files, you can do this via the control panel Template section and on a template by template basis if you need to, but it's usually best to always save all as files. By default template files live in the /system/expressionengine/templates folder but you can move the /templates folder to wherever you want, eg if you utilise a global /assets folder put them in /assets/templates


Then using GIT you can push updated template files to your templates folder on the site whenever you want to, EE will see any new templates and sync them automatically.


As for how GIT actually works I've still not completely wrapped my head around it, but think of it as a file repositiory that keeps records of all your template updates. From there you can "commit" any changes then push updated files to your site. Something like that...

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