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Addthis Share button conflict with Font code

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Hi All,

I am doing some work on my clients website: www.mason-uk.co.uk

They have their own font that they use, and I think it (or the code to do with it) adds a strange extension onto the file names in the browser, this changes each time that page loads:

(it might not be this)




(the #.VD_oufldXnE is the added on bit - this is the bit that changes each time the page is loaded)


Now I have been using Addthis share buttons on the website for over a year, and they get used several times a week. So I know they should be listing in the dozens or even hundreds for the main pages. But they mostly list as zero.


I believe Addthis records which page has been shared by its exact web address. Herein lies the problem. The web address keeps changing due to this strange extension (which I think is to do with the font - but perhaps not). So therefore when it loads with a different extension it doesn't show in the counter the shares that have been made with other extensions


Does anyone know what to do with this issue?

Has anyone experienced this or something similar?

How did they get around it? Is there a way to overide the web address displayed and shared?


Thanks again guys



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I see the same url even after reloading the page several times. Anyway, I think that the problem is with CMS which adds dynamic part to the URL and you should look there for a solution

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Don't think its the CMS, as I use the same CMS on several websites. I think its something to do with the Webfont or perhaps some other bit of Analytics software. I can't seem to get rid of it though...

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Thanks for that Wyn, so its not the font code that is putting it in....

so why are my counters not recording properly? They are often on zero, even though I have shared pages myself and every week get an email about a couple more shares on the website.... Any ideas?

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Not sure, I think shares only count when the person you shared the link with clicks back to your site. If nobody here can shed some light, I suggest opening a support ticket with the AddThis team. They'll know the common problems and have access to your account.

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