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PublicWWW - search technologies signatures in HTML

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New service for searching signatures in source HTML-codes of webpages. In tags, javascripts, comments, etc... For example it is possible to find websites with adsense-id, analytics-id, powered by cms, using themes, designs. Any text is available for search.




Adsense: pub-4597698400293564

Analytics: UA-58643-

eCommerce: /modules/ubercart/

Nginx: Server: nginx/1.4.7

Advertising network: src="http://adserver.adtech.de

Wordpress theme: /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/


Any search performed in seconds. There is top million websites by alexa rank in service index.


The PublicWWW service: publicwww.com


Do not hesitate to ask yours questions and suggestions here.


P.S. if you want to earn money with this unique service - there is affiliate program (20%, 5-tier)

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Not exactly.


Builtwith lookup what technologies is present on website and build technologies ranking.


But publicwww can find websites with any technology by your wishes (not only categorized).

Publicwww is not for ranking, it is for search.

You just need to know any specific signature in html code.


There is another service https://seomon.com/ - it is provide same functions as builtwith/w3tech and some additional features for deep technologies inspection (page loading speed, dns, ssl tests, html validator, blacklist checker).

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Search index updated with fresh data from million most popular websites.


Search performance improved triple times.


New features for the enterprise users.

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Another update search index. Search signatures is now working on 11 million of the most popular websites according to Alexa.

Enhanced search capabilities. See the examples on this site. Added export to CSV.

Liberalized tariffs - now more results for the same money.

Free access to search the top 500K sites.

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Now, more than 202 million sites are searchable in the source HTML, JS and CSS code.


Enhanced search capabilities with new operators -escaping words and search in a specific TLD site:


For example:


site:edu bootstrap


will find all sites with reference to bootstrap in the .edu domain zone.

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