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List of best sites for: Free Images, Free PSDs and Free Vectors

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I got many great images from Flickr by using the advanced search for Creative Common images.

Wikimedia.org also helped me.

Also Google image search for free-to-use images gave me a few images I use on my site.

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In addition, I would recommend for everyone a handy graphics resource tool
super free vector search engine for chrome
(Over 5000+ Free Vector Images + 100 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos on one place)
This is a simultaneous search 5000 + Free vectors comes www.freevectors.me and more than 100 million of stock images from
(istockphotos, shutterstock, thinkstockphotos, gettyimages, photos and graphicriver)


Can find almost anything you need images (web templates, css, button, icons, banner, vector graphics and more..)
This tool is I spent a week development, mainly used to search for images
install for chrome

Source here:

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Someone bumped so I thought I'd contribute. Take a look at Gratisography - copyright free, high resolution images. See below for some examples:





If you're looking for faces, check out UI Faces. Tons of faces! :lol:

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      The main point is that I love photography and love to share my pics with others.

      Please let me know, I am open to any ideas.

      Thanks, Michael J.
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