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Freelance Contracts

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Thanks for the tip but it's not an option for me as Id have to have the book exclusively available on the wdf which is not desirable as I sell it on my website also and plan to sell it elsewhere too.

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Hi all,


Just thought I would put my 2p worth in...


I can highly recommend using www.mckennahughes.co.uk for all sorts of contracts. I helped them set-up the website, but I have also used them for NDAs, employment contracts and other stuff. Very reasonable pricing, very professional.


One of the reasons I can highly recommend them is because they will talk you through the contract if you're not sure about anything - it is all very well copying and pasting someone else's contract, but this could cause a whole load of problems further down the line if it is not applicable to your situation



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Just out of interest why not T&C's in your contract in relation to payment terms, copyright ownership and limited liability?

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