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in what order

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hi guys im teaching myself HTML and CSS and i think im starting to get the hang of the basics, but what i would like to know is,

when you guys have a site that needs designing and you have all the info needed eg colours, fonts etc whats next do you start with a rough layout on a piece of paper highlighting which area will be what eg h1, p, h2, nav etc?


i would like to know myself so there is a routine i myself could follow cause at the minute i find my self just trying to make it up as i go along and flitting from one bit to another.

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It's really down to personal preference. If sketching out things on paper helps then go for it!


Personally I usually start by creating a bare bones HTML template, no images (apart from maybe a logo). I then create the layout using CSS and apply background colours that would be seen when images are turned off. Only then do I get around to creating design related graphics.

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The worse thing to do is to go straight into photoshop or start creating divs.

When im getting ideas for a layout I visit other sites for inspiration/ideas, print them off and stick them on my cork board. I then wireframe a block layout on paper (if i can be bothered to find a pen) but usually photoshop, although powerpoint is so much quicker.

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