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Found 50 results

  1. HI Every one I think I am done redesigning my site, what do you think of the colors, navigation and overall layout Please visit once my website and give your valuable suggestion if anything I required to change or add. visit my site once https://ossisto.com/ I really appreciate your valued opinions.
  2. Roberto182

    New website

    Just a quick question. If I have a good idea for a new website and I am hiring someone to do it for me, do I need some sort of patence in place to stop someone else stealing my idea?
  3. ashleyben

    Best Browser for SEO

    Please suggest me best Browser that support most of the SEO addons.
  4. Website architecture is simply planning to create a logical layout that helps in achieving goals you have set up before the website is designed and developed. Some of the important initial aspects of website architecture: • Visual aspects User experience (UX) User Interface (UI) • Technical aspects Storage Server Communication platforms • Functional aspects Services we offer Products we provide • Smart mobile responsive Optimal content visibility Usability Fast page speed Future devices are smart and small in size, so mobile responsive designs make a good impact in future. Following are the website building components that affects website architecture • Website header - Designing header means branding a person or organization that is name, logo, title etc. • Website body - Website body contains all the unique content including photos, articles, services or products etc. • Website navigation - Website navigation is simply a roadmap which takes you to the destination page. Labeling of website navigation should be descriptive which allow users to navigate properly around your domain. • Mobile responsive: Viewport and media queries are heavily taken into account when it comes to mobile website architecture. A viewport is meta tag which is included in the header and tells the browser how this page will be rendered i.e. Users visible area of web page. It varies from device to device for example viewport of mobile will be smaller than the desktop viewport. You can check the mobile architecture website www.ibridgedigital.com A media query is a tool where websites are viewed on a huge range of devices. You can make an existing website mobile and tablet compliant. Nowadays many designers and developers build websites for the desktop screen and use media queries to make it fit on mobiles and tablets. Though this will work, it's not the ideal approach to do it. Media queries are designed for design presentation, not for an optimization. To enhance for the mobile, you need to optimize pictures and the markup.
  5. Siteflu.com is a website design & development company in Pune India offering professional Website design and development services at low price / budget. Link: http://siteflu.com/
  6. WELCOME TO BRILLSENSE Brillsense is an Information Technology Start Up Company Offering brilliant technological solutions worldwide with the greatest service possible Headquarter of Brillsense is situated in Indore, economic capital of Madhya Pradesh, but we are working on projects from all over the world. www.brillsense.com At Brillsense, We Develop CUSTOMIZE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS to well manage your business and helping you build lasting success for your business We Build PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES that look great on any device We Create USER FRIENDLY E-COMMERCE WEBSITES that help to satisfy your customers’ online shopping needs We Provide COST EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT & ONLINE PROMOTION SERVICES that help you engage your customers on the social media platform they use most; We Design SUPERIOR QUALITY CREATIVE LOGO ##SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS## At Brillsense, we develop technologically advanced software that gives your business professional look and provides business benefits over your competitors. Get success in your business with our smart business software solution. We offer a complete line of business management software, and services for small to mid-sized businesses. Now, with our business software you can grow sales & increase profits for your business. Finding new customers and keeping existing customers is very important for any business, with our customer relationship management software keep your customer happy and do all this just with some clicks. Make an excellent investment by implementing our business software which provides following features #1 Billing Management #2 Payroll Management #3 Customer Relationship Management #4 Employee Management #5 Stock Management #6 Cash Flow, Balance, & Budgets Management #7 Expense Management #8 Mobile friendly #9 Access anywhere, boost provided by our cloud server Paperless Invoicing to reduce costs - Paper Invoicing when needed With onsite installation & implementation, and certified training to your staff.
  7. Hello, Please tell me do you create wire-frames before designing the website?
  8. Hey Everyone! I am opening a cafe in Perth, Western Australia in 3 weeks time and need a basic website created at a reasonable price I had chosen my perfect web developer in Perth already - http://www.meejo.com.au/index.php/web-design/ but since getting back in touch with them after our initial chat, they are too busy to take on my project right now. I would have to wait nearly 1 month for them to start. Any suggestions on good web developers? Doesn't matter if you're in the UK! Skype!
  9. Hello Folks, i need your help: 1)How can you develop a good, responsible and interactive wordpress begin personal, organisation or business website 2) Also what are the major skills someone need to have for him or her to become expext in website designing/ development. I am a student doing Information Technology but i have much interest in website producation. I personally value your feedback
  10. I would like to start this topic "What is upcoming trends for mobile website design ?" as discussion in this forum. Please reply to this thread as many as possible.... You can compare the mobile sites vs mobile apps as upcoming trends which one is necessary and why ?
  11. Hello From Taxi website Design I am working for Taxi website since 2011 and i came across the Web designer Forum where I can built and extend my professional works over the network Since 2011 with Taxi website,I along with my team providing the web services for taxi and trade business and developing and developed a new online booking system for those kind of business. Hope to be connected over the network Thanks Sunil www.taxi-website.com
  12. I know how essential the colours are and its combination partake in website design. I am working on my wordpress site and I'd like to know from others (the experts) about the best combination of colours for a travel site. Your reply will be very appreciated. It would be definitely a great thing in my pursuit. Thanks!
  13. GayeJDevine

    Website design

    We take care of the SEO-friendly web design, which is the first component of generating search engine traffic, but it is your job to build many quality backlinks to your website.
  14. I wanted to start by saying this is an AMAZING forum with some really intelligent individuals, and I am honored to have the privilege to pick your brains a little. That being said, our website: http://www.viplimousineinc.com We are really looking for any and all advice on our website and how to build better links as a limousine company that we can do on our own and not pay an arm and a leg for. We have designed the site ourselves and have worked our butts off. All opinions are appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there to all I am looking for some help. I used to run a website based on the DuPaypal Pro template, I am wanting to recreate the original site from this template which is currently blank, I am finding it very difficult to find an old school designer to do this for me so have decided to give it a go myself, the only issue is I have no idea how to get going, there must a an old school wizard that can help with this or suggest somebody who can. I know you will all think I am mad but the script and the way it worked suited my requirements perfectly & the integration into Papal worked well, in all the years it was running I had never had any problems so hence the reason to start with this one again Many thanks in advance Regards Mark
  16. Ok, I’m a recent convert to WordPress! For years, I dismissed it as just a blogging platform with security issues. But I actually quite like it now and I am finding that many of the web designers I’m dealing with are also beginning to use it more as well. From my point of view as a content marketing specialist, it’s easy for me to update and create content for clients. So my question is do you build and design now on WordPress?
  17. What are the best books/videos/resources/websites you can learn from online? I started off originally with "thenewboston", "phpacademy" channels on youtube then moved onto codecademy.com to practice my skills, I've bought some books on SEO from Amazon "How to get to the top of google" by tim kitchen and "ultimate guide to link building" by eric ward. Quite good books, I've even bought a UX book but haven't read it yet, it was so hard to follow - "Smashing UX Design". I'm just going to write a list of resources that I find helpful. Codecademy TheNewBoston PhpAcademy Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing online user experiences - Jesmond Allen How to get to the top of google: The plain english guide to SEO. - Tim Kitchen Ultimate Guide to link building. - Eric Ward HTML and CSS: Design and build websites. - Jon Duckett Projectbubble.com Smashing CSS: Professional Techinques for modern layout. - Eric Meyer How to Write Seductive Web Copy: An Easy Guide to Picking Up More Customers. Please post below if you know of any more good resources.
  18. The thing is with university is that you spend around £9,000 a year pursuing a degree, I originally wanted to become an electrical engineer and I'm pursuing that on the side of improving my web design skills. Electrical Engineering seemed great at first for me but I've been searching for a job in it for ages, I literally applied everywhere, sent a load of emails, found the director to send him letters but still didn't get hired, could never get into it, I have about two more years to complete before graduating "BSc Electrical Engineering". With website design most of it you can learn online, and if there are some things that the courses don't teach you then you can ask around in the forum, if there's anything that is missed you can simply ask here. You go to university and spend quite a lot of money, I haven't done a degree or studied at college for website design but I can imagine that the knowledge would become outdated quite quickly, you have to keep on updating your skills, which you can do online if you search hard enough. It makes me wonder if it's worth it going to university, wouldn't it be much cheaper just learning it all online? It wouldn't surprise me if you miss things out that are taught at universities but I also think that universities miss things out that you can find out online, so there's no perfect way of improving your skills. I look at youtube videos and books mostly, I find that books are great for learning anything like this, there's a wealth of information out there if you look hard enough. Searching around on amazon and downloading books is the way forward, along with good youtube channels like "thenewboston", "phpacademy" etc. I will go to college if I can but I don't want to do anything too basic and start from year 1 all over again, I want to at least skip to the first year of university, HNC Level. I did complete a HNC in Electrical Engineering, it was tough but the course wasn't completely relevant to what I was study, when going to interviews for job in electrical engineering they would say that only a month or two was relevant, that's the problem with electrical engineering, there's many aspects of it (power, control, telecoms, electronics, microelectronics, instrumentation). I do kind enjoy electrical engineering and website design but I don't think I'm going to find a job in electrical engineering any time soon, i also think that website design will be paid more, people here talk about how they are paid £1,000 a week, in electrical engineering you have a to work about 10 years before achieving that salary, you have to train on the job, you have to get the damn job which is hard enough. Back on topic, do you think it's worth going to university for this? If you dig around the internet you can usually find anything, it's not like there teaching anything "esoteric" at university. The information is free and open to the public.
  19. Hello fellow bandwagon surfers! maybe i'm a little late in the day in this game, I got my first computer 35 years ago (sinclair zx81 1k memory!) and wasn't a game person - programmed them - didn't play! I qualified as a graduate Applied psychologist in 1993 and then received a Scholarship to read Ergonomics and work designat the University of Birmingham in the UK. I've been doing other things for years, including being an ergonomics consultant - but given Im the chief carer now - through necessity - for an elderely family member - I am obliged to say at home a great deal - and thus - applying my skills as an "ergnomist" in the UK or an "human factors" specialist in the US to the designing of websites and possibly other online services - I think it kind of works. I get annoyed when people think ergonoics isChairs - for gods sake - that's what you learn in the first 10 mins of the Masters degree! it's not hard! there's so so so much more to it than that - and when people throw around the words "ergonomically designed" - like confetti - I know it for what it is - bull! So - my area is andalways was software usability - in which i can genuinely call myself an expert - as a website design guy - it's vry new to me - but I larned html about12 years ago- and I do programme the old compiled stuff also - but I am very rusty! I think I've said a lot - so I'll leave it there - i look forward to meeting some of you and picking up tips herein! Best wishes Mike of websiteergnomics.com (which I''ve not even finished yet!) - like i said - I am very new to the game
  20. Hi, I am Steve Mark and new to here. I provide services for Web Development and Web Designing. I am here for exchanging knowledge.
  21. Hello all. How funny it may sound, but a visual feedback tool needs a feedback it self. We created a visual feedback tool for website design and development called TrackDuck . We got a lot of positive feedback on it, but we're looking forward to improve it. We've been following this forum for sometime and decided that this may be the right place to ask for users opinion. We kindly ask you to try it (1st project is free forever, we're not trying to sell it here) and post your feedback here or contacts us in any way you'd like to. The main purpose of our product is to make a communication process during the website design and development as painless as possible. Be it a client, a team member or any one else, everything they have to do when reporting a bug or issue is to point with mouse on website, click and put a comment. System makes a screenshot and stores issue in project. If you see that you don't get a purpose or how to use it - just tell us so. Any feedback is welcome and means the world to us. Best regards TrackDuck team
  22. What important things need to be focused upon while designing a new website for a business?
  23. Hello Everyone, My name is Kathryn Liknes and I have been in the Website Marketing Industry for many years. I am experienced in Website Development, Seo, Website Marketing. I am very happy to have found a forum that follows my passion. Looking forward to collaborating with all of you. Kathryn Liknes
  24. Hey Guys, Here is abit of information about who LMS Website Design are. LMS Website Design is a newly formed family based business who work from the comfort of there own home. Since they have no business premise running costs, they are able to offer their clients cheaper and more affordable prices. We design our clients websites with value, good design principles and a high level of creativity balanced with good online business marketing. There's really no point having a great looking website if no-one can find it so we include lots of background work to help with search engine placement. When working with LMS Website Design you are not working with a team of designers with a large company and speaking to many different individuals each time you call, you can email us anytime and your email will be directed to the member of staff you are dealing with or you can simply request a call back at any given time you require. For more information about who we are and what services we offer check out our website, http://lmswebsitedesign.co.uk/index.html Feel free to contact us and leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Regards, LMS Website Design
  25. onlineweaver

    Hello Guys

    Hello guys, we have designed a website for a leading kitchen equipment manufacturer in India. Please visit this link - http://www.akkitchenequipments.com and tell us about the design of the website. Thanks.