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Found 67 results

  1. HI Every one I think I am done redesigning my site, what do you think of the colors, navigation and overall layout Please visit once my website and give your valuable suggestion if anything I required to change or add. visit my site once https://ossisto.com/ I really appreciate your valued opinions.
  2. Hi, Decipher Zone Softwares is a leading outsourcing Java development company which specializes in Website, Java development, Java web application development, blockchain development where trailblazing customizable software solutions are developed with agile methodology at unbelievably low cost. Please review this website and share your feedback Please. https://www.decipherzone.com Suggest any changes. Thanks in advance.
  3. sbwebNUX


    Hi All, I am working on HTML5 and webAPI. I am trying to download a recording in a subfolder within my project directory. By default the download saves it to downloads folder. if I add path it adds it with an _. Is it possible at all to download my audio file to a specific folder. Please someone reply. Thanks, Sri
  4. Hi All I am CodeCaste, We are full stack WordPress Development agency based in Ahmedabad India. We have Reach experience in Customized WordPress Website. We have Front end & back end developer to develop a website and optimized SEO friendly We Provide services like Web Development web design ui ux design wordpress development magneto development
  5. Soon I am going to post web development jobs here as we are launching a new web development company in Dubai.
  6. Well we are on the verge of 2018 and I wanted to create a post about my story and hopefully seek advice from the forum experts that can help me on my way in 2018. After 22 years working in a different declining industry, I made the decision that I wanted to move into a computer-related discipline. In order to create a springboard, I opted to go to university and do a business computing degree. During this degree, we did touch base on web design and web development and I really did enjoy the creative aspects of this. The degree, unfortunately, did not go into great depth with the creative areas I liked and it left me with more questions than answers. It did, however, help me in deciding what I wanted to do after graduating in July 2017. Since leaving university I have struggled to get an effective learning plan together to get me to become a junior web designer. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, so I am now looking at where the best online communities are to learn from and put a plan together for the next few months that I can follow every day and cover the topics that will really help me go forward. I have put many WordPress websites together over time but this wasn’t really web design as I just used existing templates and filled in the content. I now want to really understand the whole process and create sites from scratch. I did try for a junior web designer job at a local university for the experience. The feedback was that they were looking for someone with 5-6 recent websites and a good understanding of taking a client brief to completion. Understanding typography, colours and seeing a personal design style was also a requirement. I know I’m still a way off from getting to that level. I would really appreciate the advice from you guys here on how to maximise my learning. I am considering joining TeamTreehouse for their web design track as it looks very relevant. I have also just completed a couple of Udemy courses on responsive websites. I also have some experience with HTML and CSS but could really do with going deeper with it as well as wireframing. Any advice would be most appreciated, and I wish you all a very happy new year Rob
  7. Using do_shortcode() function inside of php echo tag. A very simple solution is to use the do_shortcode() function inside a PHP echo tag. <?php do_shortcode("[shortcode]"); ?> 0 1 <?php do_shortcode("[shortcode]"); ?> Short code is used in WordPress post or page and text box widget and php file.
  8. EndiveSoftware

    Hello Everyone

    Hello! My name is Ajay Goyal and I live in Jaipur, India. I just started a web design and online marketing website and hope to join this community to learn and contribute
  9. Mr-Silly-Bear

    Advice on pricing a project

    Hi, I could really do with some advice regarding a project my company should (hopefully!) be starting soon. The client is a relatively large business, and the project involves over the course of 12 months redeveloping about 24 websites, made up of restaurants, event venues, and cafes. In an attempt to make this project easier and more cost-effective we suggested to the client we set up a base set of web components (forms, navbars, footers e.g.) and put together 3 templates (restaurant theme, event venue theme, cafe theme), with a layer of branding CSS to help the individual arms of the business retain some branding differentiation. As a result of this component idea I suggested to my MD we look at using a decoupled CMS-Frontend architecture, taking advantage of Nuxt.js (my new favourite toy!) and it's component-based methodology for the frontend, and using WordPress as the CMS. With this framework we would be looking at creating a custom set of components, 3 WordPress themes, and 3 front-end Nuxt.js templates for the corresponding themes. Other than some difficulty finding appropriate UK hosting for our needs this was looking like a good solution, however my MD has told me that he was going to quote the client £10k for the templating project because he doesn't feel the client would be happy paying anymore. I responded by saying really that's not enough for the type of architecture we have been talking about. The question I have is; am I wrong to say £10k is not enough for this project? My experience tells me that £10k is fine if we remove the front-end framework from the equation. As keen as I am to do this project in the way I've described above the number in my head was more along the lines of £20k. Am I way out on this one? Appreciate any advice I can get on this. Thanks!
  10. Hello Everyone, I am a front-end developer as well as WordPress. Merely in the recent past, I just felt to create something interesting. That's from where Webgen has born. Its not fully completed until now. Merely demand a review from professional of how making it more user friendly by its looks and back-end dashboards. I have included only 3 three templates by now. You can embark on creating the website right at once. But meantime I just wanted to produce it more user friendly. Website www.webgen.com Waiting for expert replies
  11. HTMLJack

    Best tools for web dev

    Hi there, I have recently been following a course on TeamTreeHouse learning about basic coding. I am currently using Workspace to input the codes and test on a server they have provided, but if I was to build a website off my own back can I still use Workspace? Or do I need to get a new text editor to input the code? If so does anyone have any recommendations/ or server recommendations on how to test websites whilst building them? Many Thanks,
  12. HTMLJack

    Where to start

    Hi There, I have recently been doing Team Tree House courses and loving them. I am starting to pick up the basics of coding quickly therefore progressing at a fast pace. The only thing is that I want to start doing my own work, building some websites to practise etc... I am unsure as to where to start, what CMS to use etc... Could someone point me in the right direction please? Or give me some advice? That would be much appreciated Many Thanks,
  13. In votiko we are passionate about creating innovative IT Solutions for our clients and work with them as a partner to conceptualize and Support them in maintenance of Web Design, Application development, Mobile application or any other technology driven businesses.
  14. Many IT firm these days appears to assert that their net development for tiny business service is market best. but the particular reality is once you run a web business, visitors’ selections of whether or not or to not decide on your service or not invariably rely on very little details in your vogue. Either you have to trust one in each of these corporations or conduct slightly bit analysis before hiring one. detain mind that your potential customers unit of measurement preoccupied. They place faith on some main brands already. Even the tiniest detail can produce plenty of of the excellence. but those details got to be with wisdom examined associate degreed stuck if you are to create a trustworthy complete Associate in Nursingd build an gain. Today, we'll take a stiff love over variety of the key and minor mistakes of net development that will produce your data processor look unskilled .
  15. Hi, I hope you will be able to answer my question and sorry if it doesn't fit this category in the forum. I am a web developer. However, sadly, I have been made redundant from my previous workplace after around 18 months of work. I'm struggling to find work for the last 5 months. During that time I was working primarily on some private projects. Now I am a little worried. If I find a job in web development will it be possible for my new employer to assess my web development knowledge in some X areas and provide this data to my previous employer? Will it be possible for previous employer to sue me for poor knowledge on X technologies on that basis or on any other similar basis? Thanks in advance for your replies, D
  16. Nexstair Technologies says hi to everyone on the forum .Nexstair is in the world of software technology from Feb 2009 .The services offered by Nexstair are web designing, PSD TO Responsive HTML, Web development ,WordPress, logo making,PHP, JQUERY, javascript, newsletter making, etc. To see our portfolio click here : http://nexstair.com/portfolio/
  17. Hello Folks, i need your help: 1)How can you develop a good, responsible and interactive wordpress begin personal, organisation or business website 2) Also what are the major skills someone need to have for him or her to become expext in website designing/ development. I am a student doing Information Technology but i have much interest in website producation. I personally value your feedback
  18. Can any one help me to increase the the speed of mine website, i want my website to open in 2 sec , kindly help if possible , my website is : http://www.vivasoftech.com/
  19. Hello, I want to Design Wordpress Theme. Convert HTML to Wordpress Theme. anyone can help me for Designing.
  20. aiderprotech

    Hi all

    Hi all, I am Renju Sebastian, running an IT company based in India. I am here to know more and share my knowledge about web development and design. Warm Regards Renju Sebastian AiderPro Technologies
  21. Hi all, I'm new to this, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place! I'm looking to start my own web development company, but I have a burning question that I need answering, and was hoping I could find the answer here. When I create the websites for my clients, will I also have to host the website myself? Or is it better to let the client host elsewhere and me to just simply code for them? Thanks! Rafill
  22. Steve7

    How to increase rank?

    I am working with one web development and seo company. I am working in seo field and having trouble to increase Alexa and page rank. I am doing guest posting and blog commenting work. In last one month the DA is increase from 16 to 23. But the page rank and alexa rank are not increased much. What can I do to increase them? I also have done on page optimization. It is as per meta tags and alter tags rules. Is there any update for alexa rank like panda ?
  23. Hi all, I am the Managing Director of Quick Innovations and it is a London based UK Company provide Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing services with best quality and popularity of the business website online. Quick Innovations is a dedicated, self driven, creative and Quality oriented organization which provides the web site design london and other web site related services to all kind of clients starting from small, medium and big professional business houses for their web site related works. Get a Free Quote for your business requirements www.quickinnovations.co.uk/ or call us on 020 7183 9425
  24. Hello I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me. I'm creating this site http://testingsite.aimee-tacchi.co.uk/ (This is the test url) As you can see I would like the text and social media icons above my navigation to fit in there, how do I get that to work? But also when it goes responsive I would like it to be inline with the logo? with the drop down navigation below the logo and call us and social media buttons. I'm not sure how to code it though? could anyone help that be great. Thank you Darkxangel84