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Found 19 results

  1. jarrodnoonan

    How much do you charge per hour?

    Hi all, It's a subject that I'm really interested in learning about. I have been working for my clients since I was 14 and I have charged around £12 per hour ($15). It has really come to light that this is a low price compared to other web developers. My question to all of you is, how much do you charge per hour?
  2. Hello Everyone, I really thankful for being a part of this web design community.
  3. Hi everyone - thanks for the welcome Ben! I work on a variety of cutting edge digital projects. Specialising in high performance, Wordpress & Magento web sites. My profile is here - http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/user/69756-jimcee/ My core services - - Handcoding HTML(5) + CSS(3) - Responsive design - Wordpress design & development - Magento design & development - Javascript / Jquery - Responsive web development - UX / wireframing / interactive prototyping - User Interface Design - Web Strategy - Email Marketing & development - SEO - Accessibility - Web site reviews & audits More details - - Full portfolio - https://www.jayonline.co.uk/portfolio.html - Twitter - http://twitter.com/jimcallender - LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/callendercreates Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Hi Fellow Web Designers in UK, I decided to join this forum in able to get answers to questions i could be asking soon. Most of wordpress scripts are quite difficult to understand especially when i am manually re-configuring the template structures. For now, i have just launched a site and asking anyone who could be of help scanning the website for possible improvements? Answers from a website designing team is very much appreciated.
  5. Hey Everyone! I am opening a cafe in Perth, Western Australia in 3 weeks time and need a basic website created at a reasonable price I had chosen my perfect web developer in Perth already - http://www.meejo.com.au/index.php/web-design/ but since getting back in touch with them after our initial chat, they are too busy to take on my project right now. I would have to wait nearly 1 month for them to start. Any suggestions on good web developers? Doesn't matter if you're in the UK! Skype!
  6. Hello all, my name is Robertin (Robbie) Datkov. I'm a student at the Treehouse Academy and undertaking courses in Web Design and Front-End Development. This is my personal portfolio: http://robbiedatkov.com I hope I can have good time with you all and help whenever I can!
  7. Hello everybody my name is Jason Manceaux. I am 22 years hold born 1993 April 19th. I work close with my Friend Steven Hammons who is a professional in the field of programming and we just started a website. I offer my services close by to home. My website is: www.designs44.com I am looking forward to this forum I came across i searching on google seems like a great community
  8. Hey guys, I have developed a website for my brother's client. However i am having issues receiving full payment from him. Initially, I charged a deposit of £300 which I received, but he owes £810. After many requested changes requested with each change the next one got bigger. At first, I thought that the client wasn't serious until later on in the process he seemed to appear more serious about it. I would speak to him on the phone and he said just make this change and then all done and always promised to pay. But on communicating via email it was a different story. Anyway. I started it in summer July, i wanted to get it finished and out of the way asap whilst he was in no rush at all. I would say, the site was finished in December with some major hiccups in life such as my mother being ill and events turned on it's head bad style. The client was aware as he knew my brother, thus calling himself the family friend and i liked your mother blah blah. mentioning no rush with the project as i know your mum is ill. After making the last few major changes over the phone which he seemed ok with and implied the site was all good and finished, I got a strange email which was the Last thing i received of him saying he wants to leave the site to concentrate on his exams and wants to pick the site up again in May. Talk about a U-turn and 2 statements that don't link together and not being straight. He offered to settle £255 now and the rest later on. That is the third time he promised payment but it didn't happen. Anyway the question is, I was thinking of submitting a claim online to receive the rest of my funds as I have put in so much time and effort in the site just to leave me short strawed. I don't think it fair i have to wait prolong the site pick up the same bad process and hold on to my funds. If i did pick it back up (i wouldn't make another change until he pays some more money) or shall I settle for what i have got (£300 deposit) and call it a day because he also hasn't got his site. Or am I totally right wanting to get the rest of my funds by taking action?! Please advise guys! Cheers, Ameen Jabbar
  9. Hello From Taxi website Design I am working for Taxi website since 2011 and i came across the Web designer Forum where I can built and extend my professional works over the network Since 2011 with Taxi website,I along with my team providing the web services for taxi and trade business and developing and developed a new online booking system for those kind of business. Hope to be connected over the network Thanks Sunil www.taxi-website.com
  10. Please kindly review my ecommerce website, if it would persuade you to either purchase the item, or at least prompt them to seek further information. https://cst8267-olan0002.myshopify.com
  11. Hi All, My name is Sam and I have just graduated with a BSc Computing degree from Leeds met. I'm an aspiring web developer starting in the area of web design, HTML/CSS, PHP for server scripts and recently learnt the basics of angularJS framework on codeAcademy. I already have bits of work coming through and would be happy to take on more for the future. Currently need help on integrating Google's reCAPTCHA V2 for a contact form. I'm unsure however if something like this reCAPTCHA is needed for a simple contact form though (probably not the right place to post it). Also is this website completely separate from thewebdesignforum.co.uk ?? Thanks and look forward to contributing to this forum. Sam
  12. Hello Webdesigners, this is Wendy from Mockup Plus Team. I am so happy to be here communicate with you guys. Good time.
  13. Hi everyone, I am thinking about starting a web developer course in the UK but not sure where to look for this. Basically from my research a good web developer needs to know the following things: Regular expressions Basic SEO A good Java script library Cross-browser debugging Image precessing and optimization Layouts with valid HTML/CSS Copyright law basics Apache rewrites Debugging software Version control Any advice on good accredited courses (accepted by potential employers)?
  14. frankdomains

    Hi I'm Phil

    Hi All, I'm Phil from Frank Domains. I am a web developer with many years experience of building websites for companies of all sizes. I specialize in PHP, MySql, Javascript and CSS and have been with Frank Domains for 3 years. Frank Domains is a domain registration company based in Gloucestershire in the UK. frankdomains.com was designed and built by a small team of web developers specifically to provide a domain registration service to other web developers and designers. Because we understand the challenges of domain registration and hosting for web designers, we are able to provide personal and tailored support. Looking forward to getting involved with the forum.
  15. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and I actually became a member because I need some help. My company is based in an Asian country and I have some ideas for new websites that need to be designed. instead of hiring a company to do this, I'm hiring staff that can do this inhouse. Sadly enough, I don't know enough to make job descriptions. I was hoping that members of this forum could help me with this. Here are is what I need done: websites created with joomla. I already have moduls that need to be integrated all kinds of graphics designed. from logos to cartoon characters a website that is actually a online school. Students should be able to complete a unit, do a test and (when passed) continue to the next unit. This website should have the possibility to pay online. a downpayment would get you started..etc. Databases need to be created mobile apps need to be created This is all i can think of at the moment. it would be possible to hire 3 people that have their own specialities and can work together. In my mind these would be: web/app developer web designer graphic designer i would be happy to provide more information if needed. Which skills would you recommend each of these jobs need? Thanks in advance for your help. happy holidays Pablo
  16. Hello Everybody, Greetings! I have newly joined in this Forum which is a great hub of the web developers and designers, so I would like to introduce myself as a Team Lead of a small Web development team. My intension of registering here is to discuss on several issues of Web and Mobile development aspects and honestly would get a chance to serve clients in this domain. Look forward to get in touch folks. Thanks Sush
  17. Hello, I am thinking of starting a career designing web sites but do not know how to get started. I have several questions: 1) What programs/skills do I need to learn immediately? (dreamweaver,SEO etc) 2) Is it advisable to earn a certificate in web design from a college/university? 3) If customers are only interested in someone to make their web site and do not know the difference between a web design/web developer, isn't it implied that I would have to learn the skills of web design and development? Ultimately, I would prefer to do freelance work as a web designer primarily in my future. Any information on this matter is greatly appreciated!
  18. adesignhaus

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everybody! Just wanted to introduce myself, I shall be scouring the forums for answers to my expertly newb questions. I am willing to learn and I understand things very quickly if pointed in the right direction! Please have patience, and if I can help anyone along the way with my 2 pence, I shall. Thanks for reading! JR
  19. simondandrew19

    Hello Members

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and to build my network with like minded people. Looking for your co-operation and interaction.