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Found 6 results

  1. You can now add an extra bit of flair to your profile page: a banner image across the top. This can be up to 2MB, so have fun, and please report anything naughty or tasteless!
  2. We're pleased to announce the... 2018 Design a Logo for the Web Designer Forum competition! Our current logo is good...but it's from 2013 and since were having a new start, we'd like to have a new one. Our sponsors have provided some great prizes, so without further ado, let the battle commence! The prizes Our lovely forum sponsors 20i - who provide fast UK web hosting - have provided these. 1st Prize: £100* Amazon Voucher and a year's unlimited web hosting. This is reseller hosting on 20i's lightning-fast shared platform, and is truly unlimited. 20i's reseller account can be used for Linux, Windows or WordPress sites, and includes unlimited: sites, SSD storage, bandwidth, domains, packages, MySQL databases, 10GB mailboxes, free SSLs more! This is worth up to £359.88, and could be the start of your own web hosting venture. And the use of your logo on our forum of course! 2nd Prize: £20* Amazon Voucher and a year's 20i Home Hosting. This is for one site with an SSL certificate and includes unlimited: SSD web space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, 10GB mailboxes. This is worth £107.88. 3rd Prize: £10* Amazon Voucher and a year's 20i Starter Hosting. This is for one site with an SSL certificate and includes 10GB SSD web space, 50GB/month bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, and unlimited 10GB mailboxes. This is worth 59.88. * or a local currency equivalent. Amazon have retail sites in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. The rules What do I need to provide? Your new Web Designer Forum (WDF) logo in .EPS, .AI, or .PSD file format. The logo must contain a graphic element - not just text! You must have created the logo entirely by yourself. The logo should follow a community/web design theme, and should be styled to suit the forum - so should look good on a dark grey background. The colours and hex codes we use on the site are attached. They're there as a starting point - you don't have to use them. When is the deadline? The deadline for entries is 31st January, 2018. The winner will be announced in a thread in the Design Competitions section of the forum. Who can enter? Anyone who is a member of the WDF, except those employed by our sponsors. How do I submit my entry? Please send all your entries to myself (Jo 90) via private message. Who decides the winner? A committee of forum admins, moderators and 20i representatives will decide the winner and the runners up. Prizes will be given be in the form digital vouchers via email/PM shortly following the announcement of the winners. The 'small print' When you submit a logo you are also agreeing that, should it win, WDF will own all rights to the logo. You will be credited for your work via a thread on the forum. WDF has the right to modify or use the logo anywhere we see appropriate, even before applying the logo to the forum. Any questions? Questions should be posted publicly in this thread, or contact me in a private message. Thanks for reading, and good luck to all...
  3. We've updated the design of the site - we hope you like it! As I write many of the posts are still being moved over: it's taking hours! Some of the changes are still in the queue so please bear with us while this happens. It should be completed by the end of today. There are lots of other changes in the pipeline but your feedback on the forum's current state would be invaluable, thanks. EDIT 20/12/17: After much strife we found a 'hidden' setting that prevented standard members posting here. Sorry, you can post here now.
  4. I'm kinda breaking forum etiquette here by cross-posting but so that it gets more traffic I'd like to draw everyone's attention to:
  5. Hey The new logo is now live on WDF For those eagle-eyed amongst you, there has been some slight tweaks to the original prize winning logo entry. Firstly we felt the hands looked like a crosshair, so they have been given a more obvious curve and put at a different angle + There's also been a more solid font change & small gradients added to the inner part of the main logo image. We're excited to see the new logo in place (Finally) & that we now have an official identity Changes from original below (See attachment)
  6. Hey! You'll be pleased to know the February 2013 nominations for WDF members Website of the Month are now open. Full Rules can be read here . Closing date for receiving your website is midnight: Sunday 10th March 2013. Once the short-list has been created members will then be able to vote on the websites from March 11th - March 16th 2013. To enter, please send me a PM by clicking here (Not replying to this thread) With the Subject: WOTM: February 2013 Please include the following details: Website URL: Website Title Comments: (If you need to add anything extra) If you have any questions please refer to the rules or ask a question within our WOTM discussion forum. And that's it! Good luck!