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Found 229 results

  1. Hi guys, I need feedback for my CV design which represents a modified template. Looking for small tweaks that can improve the visual appearance since I don't want to lose my "style" :P Your day went wrong? You're the one for me! Want to spill out on someone? Even better! Be BRUTAL but constructive. Thank you a lot in advance ❤️ http://bit.ly/2E4a1I2
  2. HI Every one I think I am done redesigning my site, what do you think of the colors, navigation and overall layout Please visit once my website and give your valuable suggestion if anything I required to change or add. visit my site once https://ossisto.com/ I really appreciate your valued opinions.
  3. I just launched my web design services. I got a very good grade from website.grader.com 92/100 and my SEO grade is A. https://www.sixt4.cloud I need to improve website loading speed. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I developed a random password generator and now I need feedback on application web design. Here is the link to the website.
  5. Hi There, I'm creating relevant blogs relating to my business niece like the one below which as images as well. But for the life of me I can't seem to work out what websites to place them on and to go about this, any advice or help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated? Please also read the blog and let me know what your personal opinions are, if it is suitable for SEO Backlinking? 10 Benefits of a Website Redesign When was the last time you updated your website? OMG, has it really been that long? How is it still functioning? But seriously, what’s been stopping you? Maybe you’re concerned about the cost. Maybe you think your website’s doing just fine, think of your website like a car, it needs maintaining and someday replacing. I believe that knowledge is power, so I want to show you a list of the top 10 benefits of a website redesign and what it can do for you? More than you think… 1. Gain Trust from Search Engines A blog that is consistently updated with valuable content will increase Within the last few years, Google’s algorithms have been updated to focus more on content: the quality, how often it’s added to your site. A blog helps get potential clients to your website in the first place. A blog page is another page that can be indexed by search engines; this means it another chance for your website to be found by people searching the web. If you’re employing the core tactics of good SEO and content marketing in quality blog posts to answer queries, then your pages may be displayed in search results which in-turn brings more traffic to your website. 2. Customers will Trust You More with an up to date Website Think about fashion trends go in and out of style, website design does too. A website re-design will bring you in to the modern era. Your customers will trust you more, and you’ll reap the ROI. 3. More Exposure with a Responsive Design Mobile Internet use is becoming more and more, outweighing Desktop Internet browsing, it’s more important than ever to have a responsive website for your business. Responsive websites allow for your site to be automatically resized fitting screens for Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. This enables easy and convenient to browse your site. Responsive web design is also important from a SEO ranking factor. 4. Improved User Experience A Website Redesign will help customs return to the site, an online survey stats if a site is difficult to navigate, as slow loading times, or is too complex to understand it is likely to leave a bad experience for visitors and this will cost you valuable leads, in fact the study shows that 88% of online visitors who have had a negative experience are unlikely to return to a site. So a website redesign will remove all the obstacles that might drive a customer to one of your competitors. 5. Increased Social Sharing Social Sharing gives your customers / visitors an easy way to spread the word about you. Take this situation for example what if someone is reading a blog of yours and they really like it, users tend to want to share amazing / interesting articles and videos through social media, in turn this will drive more traffic to your website just by having share buttons. 6. Faster Load Times Fast loading times for a website will gain you higher customer satisfaction and better customer experience. For example: 47% of visitors will expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less 53% of visitors will leave a web page that takes more than 5 seconds to load Can you imagine losing 53% of your traffic before your website page even loads! Website Speed times have an indirect effect on your page ranking because, if your website is taking too long to load then the chance visitors will leave your website will increase which will have a negative impact on your bounce rate which obviously as knock-on consequences which is less likely to convert traffic in to customers. 7. Stronger Security (SSL Certificate) An SSL certificate is layer of encryption to protect consumer’s private information / data, using an analogy of you using a security lock on your door. A website with “https” means that the website is encrypted. Google algorithm will give priority to a website that as this certificate installed. 8. Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engines and the way people are searching is always evolving, so keeping your website up-to-date will improve your SEO in helping you to rank as high as possible to engage with more consumers online. On average every year you can expect google to make anything up to 600 changes to their Google algorithm processes, while most of these changes are only minor it gives you a an idea why you should keep your website up-to-date. 9. Redesigned Website Changes with your Business A reason why you would need a redesign of your website is because if it’s not kept up with the changes in your business, outdated information can irritate and even confuse your customers as it does not help them and bring value to them, so regularly-updated and informative websites will keep your customers coming back! 10. More Sales I truly believe that customized, strategic, targeted website updates have the ability to improve your business ROI and there are case studies to prove it. When you get down to it, a website redesign is all about a) getting in front of the right customers, b) drawing them in, c) getting them to stay, and d) turning them into fans who spread the word about you to make you more known. Conclusion From all of the above information don’t you think a refreshed website design will improve your business performance? Save
  6. Vidladdie


    From me here in the UK Iwould just like to say HI! And that it’s great in finding you Vidladdie
  7. I'm planning to create an admin template with Bootstrap but it'll be look like Material designed template. Please suggest me any theme or ui kit that helps me to create an admin panel easily and quickly.
  8. Hi All I am CodeCaste, We are full stack WordPress Development agency based in Ahmedabad India. We have Reach experience in Customized WordPress Website. We have Front end & back end developer to develop a website and optimized SEO friendly We Provide services like Web Development web design ui ux design wordpress development magneto development
  9. Roberto182

    New Website Design

    I am looking to create a new website and was hoping someone could recommend a reasonably priced designer/company who I could work with?
  10. Hello everyone I am a newbie in the world of Web Design.I have started my freelancing career in PeoplePerHour marketplace.There I created an hourly on PSD to HTML conversion. Can anyone check the link below and give me potential advice related to my service? https://www.peopleperhour.com/hourlie/convert-psd-into-html-css/449755
  11. Roberto182

    New website

    Just a quick question. If I have a good idea for a new website and I am hiring someone to do it for me, do I need some sort of patence in place to stop someone else stealing my idea?
  12. Hey there, (NOTE: Sorry If I put this in the wrong section, I was a little disorientated) So, this isn't exactly about art/design, as I already know about that. I already know how to build a website, say, on Photoshop and make it look good, UI/UX design etc. But I want to start designing as a business. And the problem I've hit, is what can I do with that knowledge? Do I just export a PSD file to my client, and leave the html up to them?My coding isn't brilliant, but is there any tool that will let you design a website and export it to static html? I know this isn't particularly about design, but I'm a bit stuck at this point, on how to "make" and export the website to a client. Thank you, Oscar
  13. Dear Friends.... I have a web designing firm based in India...Though small we have worked hard for so many international companies and completed many projects. But I have found the web design business is getting bad to worse. First ....it is difficult finding the right person to hire, and it is very expensive and more over clients are getting very fussy. With focus being shifted on Mobile App, Social media, Online Portal, not many people are asking for a website. If they want a website it would like on urgent basis. Business is not as lucrative as was. Prices are failling compared to last year and profits are now a myth.... I do plan to develop and sell products..like Themes and Plugins for survival but I need to ask you all...are you facing a similar predicament in your business. What is wise solution? How does one go about offering more services from a web design shop...?
  14. I created my first website. Please tell me, what can I change and improve? http://mario89.smarthost.pl/
  15. Hi everyone,I'm trying to make a webpage that resembles the design of this website:https://e-commercebuilder.com/Does anyone have an idea how this can be done? Any templates in particular?
  16. Hello everyone, just joined these forums and I've been quite impressed with the extent of the information available on here so far. Looking forward to being part of this community! Feel free to visit our blog section from our site, in the hopes that you can benefit from the informative content. We have been focusing on featuring articles on a variety of web design related topics from industry experts and we hope the material will be of assistance and perhaps serve as a starting point for further discussion within this site. www.iowebstudio.com Thank you for reading and all the best, -Io Web Studio
  17. Can you guys help me out for SEO.. i really have no idea... thank you for kind and concerns
  18. Well we are on the verge of 2018 and I wanted to create a post about my story and hopefully seek advice from the forum experts that can help me on my way in 2018. After 22 years working in a different declining industry, I made the decision that I wanted to move into a computer-related discipline. In order to create a springboard, I opted to go to university and do a business computing degree. During this degree, we did touch base on web design and web development and I really did enjoy the creative aspects of this. The degree, unfortunately, did not go into great depth with the creative areas I liked and it left me with more questions than answers. It did, however, help me in deciding what I wanted to do after graduating in July 2017. Since leaving university I have struggled to get an effective learning plan together to get me to become a junior web designer. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, so I am now looking at where the best online communities are to learn from and put a plan together for the next few months that I can follow every day and cover the topics that will really help me go forward. I have put many WordPress websites together over time but this wasn’t really web design as I just used existing templates and filled in the content. I now want to really understand the whole process and create sites from scratch. I did try for a junior web designer job at a local university for the experience. The feedback was that they were looking for someone with 5-6 recent websites and a good understanding of taking a client brief to completion. Understanding typography, colours and seeing a personal design style was also a requirement. I know I’m still a way off from getting to that level. I would really appreciate the advice from you guys here on how to maximise my learning. I am considering joining TeamTreehouse for their web design track as it looks very relevant. I have also just completed a couple of Udemy courses on responsive websites. I also have some experience with HTML and CSS but could really do with going deeper with it as well as wireframing. Any advice would be most appreciated, and I wish you all a very happy new year Rob
  19. Just curious on how the members here like to build their websites, or do you use an array of methods?
  20. I have read some articles online from different authors that try to indicate that the layout of a website has got an impact on seo. Apparently different people have different opinions on this topic. As a result i also came up with my own views on the same here. I am talking about aspects like coding ethics, responsiveness, internal linking etc. What can you add or subtract from the list? I am asking this because i also want to learn more. Thanks
  21. Mr-Silly-Bear

    Advice on pricing a project

    Hi, I could really do with some advice regarding a project my company should (hopefully!) be starting soon. The client is a relatively large business, and the project involves over the course of 12 months redeveloping about 24 websites, made up of restaurants, event venues, and cafes. In an attempt to make this project easier and more cost-effective we suggested to the client we set up a base set of web components (forms, navbars, footers e.g.) and put together 3 templates (restaurant theme, event venue theme, cafe theme), with a layer of branding CSS to help the individual arms of the business retain some branding differentiation. As a result of this component idea I suggested to my MD we look at using a decoupled CMS-Frontend architecture, taking advantage of Nuxt.js (my new favourite toy!) and it's component-based methodology for the frontend, and using WordPress as the CMS. With this framework we would be looking at creating a custom set of components, 3 WordPress themes, and 3 front-end Nuxt.js templates for the corresponding themes. Other than some difficulty finding appropriate UK hosting for our needs this was looking like a good solution, however my MD has told me that he was going to quote the client £10k for the templating project because he doesn't feel the client would be happy paying anymore. I responded by saying really that's not enough for the type of architecture we have been talking about. The question I have is; am I wrong to say £10k is not enough for this project? My experience tells me that £10k is fine if we remove the front-end framework from the equation. As keen as I am to do this project in the way I've described above the number in my head was more along the lines of £20k. Am I way out on this one? Appreciate any advice I can get on this. Thanks!
  22. Still working on the site My name is Elvis and I self taught how to create Web Sites. I learned how to programmate in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, and it’s not so hard as it sound. I created ECODEWS- Elvis Code Web Sites to share with you my knowledge in web design and development. In my blog you can find a lot of useful information, tutorials, inspiration and news. http://www.ecodews.com
  23. Hello everyone ! as you can read from the title , i'm in a big need of orientation in terms of Designing a website . My main goal is to make great, useful, website not only in terms of looking but also in terms of information hierarchy....etc so i recently started , i've surfing the web and read a lot of articles , but none answered my questions , i'm a bit lost . the thing is when i want to sketch or design a page layout , i just don't know where to start , i don't know how i can improve my overall skills. i started reading books , in order to get some basic knowledge , but i feel like some books are old and in the last 3 years the websites flow changed completely , i did get some great knowledge but i feel it's not enough ! please i need help , it's frustrating to not know where to head in something you really love !
  24. It's a sad fact that a lot of information on the Web is not directly accessible by people with disabilities. Why? Because most Web site managers and developers are ignorant of the needs of those people with disabilities who cannot use the Web in the standard way. Here are some examples of common accessibility design considerations: Include alternative (ALT) text for every image on your site Provide text links in addition to image map links Provide alternatives to multimedia content Make sure colors don't hinder the accessibility of your content (it is often said that 10% of the population suffer with color-blindness) Provide alternatives to Web pages using frames Make sure all text is readable Make sure content is accessible to assistive technology, such as screen readers Even following these basic guidelines will make your site most accessible than many. There are thousands of sites that use graphics in situations where a paragraph of text would be adequate. Even if you want to use graphics to illustrate a point, make sure you also supply text for those who cannot (or choose not to) view graphics!