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Found 2 results

  1. Trying to figure out which way to layout the URLs in a new Website. I've done sites where sub sections aren't under their parent section and I've done some where they are. I've not see a benefit to either. Suggestions? my-website.com/subpage or my-website.com/parent-page/subpage Thoughts?
  2. I came across a lot of threads here on webdesign forum which talks about url structure e.g. clean urls, ugly urls, url wiht ids and number. So I decided to give you the insight of that how to structure the urls better. I searched top blogs on internet like Moz and Google blogs to give you the correct insight no it. But first you need to know the importance of urls and its structure. A URL is considered the virtual address of your business. This is the first thing people see either in search engine result pages or shared on a social network that’s why its structure matters the most. To craft an outstanding first impression online, you are required to work on the structure of the URLs. The addition of default IDs, codes and numbers make the URLs look doubtful and meaningless that neither the customer nor the search robots will dare to scan your website. To help you transform the unfavorable impression of the URLs to a trustable one, we have composed a comprehensive list of tips for structuring the links. You can read and apply it to your website for higher SEO rankings and traffic. So here are my collected points for url structure; . Human readability of url should be better . Place your main keyword in URL . Use canonical to avoid content duplication . Make urls clean from IDs, numbers and tags . Prefer Shorter URLs . Match URLs to titles most of time . Make proper use of stop words in urls . Remove/control for unwieldy punctuation characters . Avoid multiple redirect on single url . Fewer folders is generally better . Avoid hashes in URLs that create separate/unique content . Use only small letters in url . Hyphens and underscores are preferred word separators . Keyword stuffing and repetition are pointless and make your site look spammy . Close off irrelevant pages with robots.txt . Create an XML Sitemap for better structuring of urls Ref Links: Moz Blog Infographic At the need, I need the views of the members of this forum about this topic.