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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, I want to start my own web design services. Unfortunately I don't have a portfolio. Without portfolio it's really hard to get clients. I know that is there a way to make a website for free. I can try that but need to know where I can get these clients. I don't have a website. Without portfolio it doesn't make sense to create one. I need advice from experienced web designers. Thanks.
  2. I am planning to learn advanced level social media marketing. Any advice?
  3. I am setting up a comparison website for multiple categories, but need to set up a facebook business page, i´ve figured out how to do that and will be working it as I go along, however, my main problem is how do I get people aware of it so they like the page and give me an audience. I have looked at buying likes but to be honest, I think it could be a waste of money, and more importantly, I want real people who will interact on my facebook page, and possibly request price comparisons. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers Rob
  4. I am new on Twitter. I want to increase numbers of follower for my profile. How to get more followers on Twitter? Please give me some tips.
  5. JebaQpt

    New Google Plus

    In classical googleplus, we see the trending topics in between the posts of main page. But i have doubt in new Google plus, how to see the trending topics? Please help me.
  6. altssolution

    Facebook Post reach

    My facebook page have 596 likes, unfortunately when i add a new photo or post it's only reach approximately 30-40 views all likes are organic, images and post are good and readable anyone please suggest me how to overcome this situation without promotion using paid
  7. Hello everyone! I have a wallpaper website, so i want to submit articles for my website but i have no idea that what topic i am choosing for write an article related to my wallpaper website or hd pictures theme??? Please give your suggestion and help me out for this . . . my website url www (dot) widehd (dot) net
  8. Hey Folks, Just pre-launched our website to promote our new SaaS application called Content Sleuth. What do you folks think about the design/layout/style? It's a social media and content marketing platform. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks. Gaz
  9. The question is how effective it is while using a vast marketing tool call Social Media for your business? Is it only like and share or is it retweeting? How do you approach your potential customer? How do you solve their query? Please share your experience...
  10. Hello Friends.. i wanted to make a list of which are the most effective activity that we can use in our overall SEO Link Building Strategy in 2015.
  11. What are your thoughts on this statistic from the infographic below? "LinkedIn is 227% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter" Would you agree that LinkedIn generates you the most work? I'd have to say Facebook & LinkedIn are equal from my experience.. (Source: MarketMakers.co.uk)
  12. Social media has become a well known source to drive insane amount of targeted traffic to a new or establish website! But not many people know how to use the power of social media like : twitter,Facebook to drive massive crazy targeted traffic! So what I've done is went ahead an wrote a very step by step article on how to use social media to increase! Link: Click Here
  13. HI all, I have been working on a wiki project for about a year that will involve high volume users uploading news about humanitarian issues around the world. A revolutionary project at best, I'm looking for highly keen and talented web developers to make this happen. I have global contacts that will make this project as sturdy and authoritative as existing social media websites. The basis of the website is two joomla themes; one is a news paper theme and the other, a pininterest inspired theme that need to be scripted to reflect each other. From there it's developing a user friendly and social platform that anyone can use. If you are interested, and regard yourself as a talented developer, drop me a message. Looking forward to chatting, Wikiname
  14. funsella

    Looking for social media plugins

    Hi, I am looking for social media wordpress plugins that will get feeds from facebook, google, twitter and pinterest and output the feed in clean HTML/CSS and not formated as the standard feeds that you get directly from the websites. It can all be individual plugins or one big plugin, all i really need is a widget/shortcode that I lets me control the CSS. Any plugins or suggestions would be greatly appriciated
  15. I'm trying to find the most efficient way to present website, Facebook and Twitter analytics to a client. I've looked at customisable reports on Google Analytics but haven't found them to be very flexible. Apart from compiling them manually using the pdf facility on Google Analytics to print the reports, is there another way?
  16. TheFlyingSquirrel

    Is This The End Of Social Media Sharing?

    I have started working on my own sharing functionality for my site, and was disgusted to see in addition to removing ads, it removes the possibility for people to share content through their favorite sites by targeting the sharing mechanisms like www.pinterest.com create pin and facebook sharer.php With many users learning about Adblock Plus to combat the horrible changes to Facebook, does this spell the end of social media sharing?
  17. Hello, I am currently creating bespoke social media buttons for a current project and I also want to add a "share via email" button. What I was wondering is if I use a system similar to the "AddThis" widget where users can enter an email to send to and also an email to send from. Does anyone know of any legal implications using this due to the fact that a user can send the email to anyone/any email and also from anyone/any email. Thanks in advance! **Admin - Accidently created in wrong forum, can someone please move.**
  18. Syn007

    Help a Brother Out

    I started a new business and i heard google+ is the best social media for SEO. Sooooooooo with that being said, could you please "Plus 1" my new Google Page, Or follow me? And here is something to brighten up your day! (Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his bedroom -- the bear isn't dead, it's just afraid to move.) Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/100655606051267991727/100655606051267991727/posts My Website: http://bit.ly/1hCmlhr
  19. Hello everyone, I would like to show you my new website http://lock.li and to hear some feedback about the design, code and site performance. In this website you can shorten links and share them to other people. In order to view that link one has to perform a social action. This website is basically a great opportunity to get likes, shares and followers just by just sharing links. Let me hear some feedback, guys. Thanks! Regards, John
  20. Linkedin is known as a good traffic generator. I found a lot of advice and tutorials on the web on how to get blog visitors from there but nothing seems to work well. I only use Linkedin as a forum posting to groups in my niche there to receive some extra dozen visits a day. Updating my status and adding new contacts regularly doesn't change the situation. Any ideas to boost these results? Thanks in advance.
  21. What kind of websites would be best to build a relationship with to exchange links? I own a web design/development website and I want to get more backlinks from related websites but obviously I cant exchange links with other web agencies as they are potential competition? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  22. kristenhanna

    Facebook vs Pinterest

    Which is the best social media sites for promoting any online businesses? Here I have recently came across a infographic of facebook vs pinterest. Take a peek at the two best performing social media sites, Facebook and Pinterest and find out who wins the race in today's world! http://apptha.com/blog/facebook-vs-pinterest-which-offers-better-business-conversions-and-sales-infographic/ Which is your favorite? Facebook or Pinterest
  23. Hello, Basically I want to know what the title says? Should I have 'nofollow' on links from my website to my social media accounts? I thought letting search engines crawl them would be good but I am wondering could I actually be losing juice?
  24. Hi, We have just launched a new section on the forum dedicated to social media. > http://wdf.co/social With an increase in the amount of posts regarding social media, it seemed best to dedicate a forum to accommodate these topics. Use this forum to discuss all things social media related.
  25. This week, three social media site release their updates. Facebook Introduces Graph Search, A Social Search Tool to Rival Google Facebook Introduces Graph Search, Names the Service as 'Third Pillar' of its Ecosystem Quick to dismiss claims that Graph Search is Facebook's entry in the web search arena dominated by Google, Facebook's own search tool is engineered to take a precise query and deliver answers. This means, only content that has been shared to users and content posted inside the social media site can be searched. read here: [link: http://www.webdesign...search-engines/ ] Go Social | Full-Screen Option Added to Google+ Hangout On Air People have come to expect a lot of good things from Google. When we say "really good stuffs," we mean not only that their services are given free or gratis, but it is more about their commitment to deliver first-rate products as if it's all... read here :[link: georgepatrick.hubpages.com/hub/Go-Social ] New MySpace Relaunches as Sleek, Modern Music-Focused Social Networking Site After the announcement of facebook with their new features, the Graph Search, mySpace also reveal it new sleek design of myspace. Here comes the New MySpace where you can find the tracks of your favorite artist. Have you tried signing into your myspace account? well better check it out, myspace now offers a very cool and very sleek design where you can be entertained by the bunch of songs. read here : [link: 7th-media.com/blog/new-myspace-relaunches-as-sleek-modern-music-focused-social-networking-site/ ]