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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Gang, After some consideration reading posts on here I figured a good basic list of resources would be good. Not sure if a mod will lock this so it can be updated at a later date, might be nice to stop the "what is this SEO" type posts but any other peeps using with GOOD tools feel free to chip in. The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz Read this! And before asking anything, read this! Seriously, read it; covers everything from how search engines work to tracking success. 90% of your questions will be answered before asking anything. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide - Google PageSpeed Insights - Google Yes, site speed is a factor, no quantity of keywords will fix these, this is 'SEO'. Microdata - Schema Mixed debate, personal favourite of mine, if nothing else have cool breadcrumbs under your listing. Structured Data Testing Tool - Google See what Google picks up from your structured data and clarify errors. HTTP / HTTPS Header Check A great way to see if the supposed 301 is real or if you're giving 302s instead. Redirect Checker Similar but also checks the number of redirects. Learn SEO - Moz Freaking great set of resources. If you're still stuffing keywords into titles and descriptions then you need to start here! Canonical vs NoIndex - Moz Yup, another Moz post but before thinking Canonical is a silver bullet read this. XML Sitemaps: The Most Misunderstood Tool in the SEO's Toolbox - Michael Cottam, Moz Worth a read, especially the consistency section. News & Rumours Google Algorithm Change History - Moz SEMrush Sensor Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates - Search Engine Roundtable Paid Tools SEMrush Moz Pro DeepCrawl Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Free/Paid) Advice Link Spam In Forum Comments Work Very Badly (Thanks @Rich C)
  2. Yes I shot my first Wordpress site. Am here to learn from the geeks skills on SEO. I dont know if its right but here is the Link to my site.
  3. Hey all, I have been reading quite alot in regards to the canonical tag but am still a bit unsure if its right for what im trying to do. Basically I am currently making a website for bathroom fitting in london http://www.guildbathrooms.com All the keywords are aimed towards phrases such as bathroom fitters london, bathrooms london etc... What I have done to broaden my chance of finding potential customers is make seperate pages for different london boroughs such as http://www.guildbathrooms.com/bathroom-fitters-greenwich.php which are the same as the original london page but have just change all "london" keywords to greenwich (or whatever area im targeting) and then give each page a canonical tag pointing back to the original bathroom fitters london page. What im struggling with is: Will each of the pages with the tag be indexed in regards to its own keywords and show for relevant results and just redirect to where im pointing the link to or will it simply be ignored and viewed as being the same as the original page its pointing to and assumed its exactly the same. What im basically trying to find out is if it will give me a greater chance of being found based on the fact its now covering multiple locations instead of 1 or am i telling google ignore it because its similar? Sorry to give such a vague question but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading Best regards David
  4. Dear Web Designers, I am somewhat of a noob in this field so I thought it would be best to ask directly in the general chat section. Could someone please recommend me a programm which can sort social media feeds on my website according to keyword based categories? like someone ticks sport and it gives them all the sport related stuff? If you need more info/I was not clear enough, please do not hesitate to ask. Sorry about the newbie question but I'm new to this. Thanks in advance, elime
  5. Just come across this article: http://wdf.co/iA Do you think we need to start optimising for duckduckgo
  6. Facebook to battle up Search engines by the use of their new features the Facebook Graph Search. what do you think about this latest updates from facebook, could this be a good sign that Search engine will be follwing what Facebook is doing? here's the review >> http://bit.ly/VLAa1W