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Found 29 results

  1. Hi guys, I need feedback for my CV design which represents a modified template. Looking for small tweaks that can improve the visual appearance since I don't want to lose my "style" :P Your day went wrong? You're the one for me! Want to spill out on someone? Even better! Be BRUTAL but constructive. Thank you a lot in advance ❤️ http://bit.ly/2E4a1I2
  2. Hi All I am CodeCaste, We are full stack WordPress Development agency based in Ahmedabad India. We have Reach experience in Customized WordPress Website. We have Front end & back end developer to develop a website and optimized SEO friendly We Provide services like Web Development web design ui ux design wordpress development magneto development
  3. Hi everyone. We designed new website for our advertising agency. Your opinions about the site? Here is the link: https://www.mainostoimistoloud.fi/home
  4. Hi all, I am new to the forum and would greatly appreciate a few pointers. I am doing a survey to better understand current practises and unmet needs of the community of web designers and creatives engaging in the web development process. The reason is that I am working on a novel idea that may help us all produce faster and more efficiently. But the only way to validate this is to have people willingfully answer a 3-4 minute survey (I have prepared it in a Google form). How should I do this without being seen as spam? Sincere thanks in advance, Hari PS: if anone is interested to help out. please PM me.
  5. Thecardiffgraphicdesigner

    Hi, I'm A Web Designer In Cardiff

    Hi Guys! Thanks for accepting me as part of your digital community, I really appreciate it! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, i'm Jonny a Graphic Designer based in Cardiff and I make websites! I provide eye-catching and engaging graphic design solutions for all my websites to ensure that they have the aesthetic edge over my competition. Its through my design background that i'm able to produce such striking websites. You can take a look at my portfolio here - The Cardiff Graphic Designer Portfolio I'm here to learn more about Web Design & Development so if anyone can recommend any good threads to take a look at let me know I'd love to hear from you. We have also just published a blog post on responsive Web Design if anyone would care to have a read, i'll be posting it into a thread very soon. I look forward to hearing from you! Jonny O'Rourke Graphic Designer & Web Designer Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
  6. Hi All, I'm a freelance Control system engineer and a Motorcycle clubman road racer in my spare time. My limited company has been trading for 18 months, I need to promote myself both professionally and as a racer. So my intention is obvious i.e..... I need to generate business and attract sponsorship for my race team. Briefly I'm after the following... Web Site construction and hosting Social Media site pages Brand Identity Pack to include... Stationary pack Logo's design and Business Cards etc, etc I will not be selling via the internet I just need my skills advertising along with my contact details. If you are interested in working with me please post your response. I'm located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Regards Jon
  7. Hi, i have created a self driven Android App, and needed feedback so that i can improve further. This is an app for Organizing and Planning parties with Friends and saving the party memories. The users can check out the upcoming parties too and RSVP to them. https://www.behance.net/gallery/22521981/The-Party-App Thanks
  8. Hello! I am completely new to the web designing business, and I need help. I am trying to create a business plan so I know what all I need to pay for when it comes to web hosting services and software to use. The main thing that I need assistance with is determining what hosting service and what software i.e. Wordpress, Dreamweaver, etc. to use. Also should I use Konductor, and if so, when? I am the literal definition of a newbie, and I am open to any helpful advise and criticism. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  9. Hey Guys, Here is abit of information about who LMS Website Design are. LMS Website Design is a newly formed family based business who work from the comfort of there own home. Since they have no business premise running costs, they are able to offer their clients cheaper and more affordable prices. We design our clients websites with value, good design principles and a high level of creativity balanced with good online business marketing. There's really no point having a great looking website if no-one can find it so we include lots of background work to help with search engine placement. When working with LMS Website Design you are not working with a team of designers with a large company and speaking to many different individuals each time you call, you can email us anytime and your email will be directed to the member of staff you are dealing with or you can simply request a call back at any given time you require. For more information about who we are and what services we offer check out our website, http://lmswebsitedesign.co.uk/index.html Feel free to contact us and leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Regards, LMS Website Design
  10. cherrydesigns

    Vintage Fonts

    Hello, First off, please don't eat me alive - im current doing my HE Access to art in Graphic Design at the local college, so I am by no means a full fledged graphic designer yet I've been asked by a friend to "spice up" his logo and website. No problems at all. I'm looking to do a "Vintage" Feel to the logo and branding.. but can't seem to find the right font, I've tried a few and none seem to take my liking. I have tried Vanilla Whale but not 100% sure on it. It could be me be fussy. Any suggestions to fab fonts, preferable free as being a friend i'm not charging, just using it for the experience and portfolio building. Thank you so much
  11. My friend and I have been arguing about which web design is better. Please help us resolve this by telling us which homepage you prefer and why. Please focus on the UX, fonts, and other graphic design aspects, as well as any other issues you find important. Design 1 (current): http://ensemblecreativity.com Design 2 (new): http://imgur.com/I0xi6aR *The grey box on the new design is a placeholder We look forward to your comments.
  12. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and I actually became a member because I need some help. My company is based in an Asian country and I have some ideas for new websites that need to be designed. instead of hiring a company to do this, I'm hiring staff that can do this inhouse. Sadly enough, I don't know enough to make job descriptions. I was hoping that members of this forum could help me with this. Here are is what I need done: websites created with joomla. I already have moduls that need to be integrated all kinds of graphics designed. from logos to cartoon characters a website that is actually a online school. Students should be able to complete a unit, do a test and (when passed) continue to the next unit. This website should have the possibility to pay online. a downpayment would get you started..etc. Databases need to be created mobile apps need to be created This is all i can think of at the moment. it would be possible to hire 3 people that have their own specialities and can work together. In my mind these would be: web/app developer web designer graphic designer i would be happy to provide more information if needed. Which skills would you recommend each of these jobs need? Thanks in advance for your help. happy holidays Pablo
  13. Hi, I just found this awesome bundle with top-quality design resources that will help you save A LOT of money. Take a look: http://goo.gl/GjhgXV
  14. Hi All, I have a couple of questions for the graphic designers out there! I have been asked to design some stationery for a company I am doing a website for. Initially I declined as this is not my area of expertise but they wanted the whole package or would look for someone else. so I accepted....They have asked for a letter head, business card, compliment slips etc. The company already has a logo, (Thank goodness...) but I have not designed for print before as I am a web designer. Can anyone be kind enough to let me know if there is anything I should ask the client before hand to make this go as smoothly as possible as I have no idea about designing for print except that I should use CYMK as opposed to RGB. Also does anyone know of any UK guidelines I should be following with regards to the sizes and sending the client the finished product. I plan to design the elements in Photoshop as that is the program I feel most comfortable with. I just feel that as a web designer there are some things that I might not take into consideration as I am not a graphic designer. Most people I ask say it should be quite straight forward but they are not graphic designers. I just thought I would ask the professionals. Any help, tips or points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys and I look forward to hearing for you. Ebo :-)
  15. Which one is more apropriate for a web developer?
  16. Hi guys! So I'm new here, Am i really new? maybe i'm just too late to know this forum but i think i came to right place. So what? Enough for long talk. I'm here to develop my web designing concepts and i wanted to let everyone know that i have a website that needs review. Anyways, I forgot to mention my name i'm anton . Nickname:ton http://graphicbee.com
  17. Hello all, I am trying to create a website for my employer but I only have a small amount of understanding of HTML and CSS. I have built a website www.guildbathrooms.com but I feel the graphic side of things let it down a bit. The header and alterations to the main image were made by myself using drawplus but dont look very sharp or proffessional. If anyone with a little spare time and a big heart would be interested in helping me improve on them it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading all
  18. The Winning Concept

    Thewinningconcept.com - Graphic design Website

    Greetings designers, Welcome to THEWINNINGCONCEPT.COM, the first & largest branding & graphic designing social platform in the middle east. The winning concept offers designers all around the world a platform to be innovative and creative by earning cash rewards for there ideas. Please check us out on our website http://www.thewinningconcept.com and if you wish to look at our tutorial please visit http://www.youtube.com/thewinningconcept Please be advised that our website is in the beta version, and we strongly value your comments and feedbacks. Thank you & hope to hear from you soon.
  19. Hello, I am looking to work with a freelance Graphic Designer that is experienced with designing websites (Wordpress & Opencart), as well as logo design. I am a freelance website developer and i am looking to expand the range of services i can offer to my clients. I can and do currently design the sites i develop myself, but it's not my strong point, and i can't do logo design or other types of graphic work, so i'm looking to outsource these jobs to someone. Ideally i am looking for a longer term working relationship so i can keep the quality of the work consistent. We can work things out on a job by job basis. I am preferably looking for someone in the UK, but the important thing is the quality of the work. I will need to be able to get in touch with you via email, and Skype at the very least, but if you are in the UK, Telephone contact would also be prefered. If you are interested please send a comprehensive portfolio of your work, some examples of live sites that use a design you have done, as well as ballpark pricing for what you would charge me for each of your services. My email address is karl (at) reactionstudio (dot) co (dot) uk or alternatively you can PM me on this account, and i'll get in touch. ***NOTICE: It appears i cannot reply to Private Messages, as my account has not made '25' posts yet, can you please provide a contact email address if you send me a PM.
  20. Hi, I am Tanvir Ali Khan I am Computer Since . I bid on those work on which work I have full acknowledgement. So anybody can rely on me. I want to do work in a reasonable price. I have 4 years experience on: - Search Engine Optimization( SEO), - Graphic Design, - Logo Design, - Banner Design, - Web Design, - Article Writing , - SEM, - SMM, - Spinning Article, - Off page SEO - On page SEO - Link Building - Back linking - Edu/gov. - Keyword research - Social Bookmarking - Blog Posting - Blog Comment - Forum Posting - Directory Submission - Facebook - Twitter - MySpace - Article submission - Data-Entry & many more. If Have Any SEO job So, I Show You My Best ,,,,,,,,,,,,, See ODesk Profile link : https://www.odesk.co...d82da981910597e Or If you test me so please add me On Skype ID :tanviralikhan60 Thank you..................sir
  21. Hello people! I made my first portfolio website. I'd like to have some feedback, please! I'm new in this field and I'm doing my best. Here you go http://www.hypnoticars.com Thank you all!
  22. SourDesigns

    My new designing page

    https://www.facebook.com/SourDesigns SourCream Designs is a enterprise in its early stages that makes custom graphic designing and muralism in Ottawa/Gatineau. The business handled by Marin Mitrasinovic wants to offer the best quality designs, murales and artistic products for a cheap price. LIKE & SHARE ! Thanks ! Marin Mitrasinovic.
  23. Well as its Halloween tommorow I thought I would get the Digital Yak into the spirit of things. Apologies if your not a fan of Bleach. attachment=11480:Yakchigo-Yakgetsu.png] Yak Out! www.digitalyak.co.uk
  24. DigitalYak

    Digital Yak

    Hi Forum Peeps, My Name is Matt Wilkinson and I'm the Digital Yak. I am a freelance Graphic Designer specializing in design for web and print. Im looking forward to discussing all things design related with my fellow desinger folks so please feel free to ask any questions and I'll help if I can. Thanks, Matt.