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Found 7 results

  1. What's the bottom line with the different browsers and working with color now? Using Edge (or IE) my colors appear exactly as I thought I designed them. Fairly recently, Chrome and Opera show the colors as really washed out. Firefox is still showing the original like Edge does. See the image blow (with a color picker). What's the bottom line now? Will we have to redesign and color our icons and logos, or will there be a script which tells the browser to show the colors as we intended them? Or will we just need to get a more modern monitor in the future, so that we can design images and colors more accurately to a standard?
  2. tylerjmorrison

    Branding & Color Combinations

    Hi Forum, I was wondering if I could get your personal and professional opinion when it comes to branding? I am a Realtor with a company, Keller Williams, who's main color is red. To differentiate myself from other Realtors, with Keller Williams and other competing brokerages, I'd like to stay away from the typical colors - red, black, grey and white. Being in a saturated market, it's important to be different. Thoughts on this combination? Thanks in advance!
  3. NiBi18

    semi-transparent background

    Is it some way how to use transparent colour of div background without content transparency ?
  4. Greetings! I have been building a website for gamers and tech-geeks for 2 days now. I might say that my site is in Alpha-state at the moment, logo is currently being developed and especially the forums aren't really working as I'd like them to work. And the graphics and colors of the website... I think that they are terrible, colors doesn't match at all... What do you think? About the functionality of the main page and about the graphics and color scheme of the website? Here is my website: http://fewmoretimes.com/ As you can see, there is still a lot of Lorem Ipsum there Almost no content exists at the moment.
  5. Hey guys, So I was asking myself today why most websites had either a blue or black navigation bar and not any other color. I did a couple of google searches to see if those were the best colors for navigation bars but it seemed like there wasn't any consensus on that. So I hopped on here to seek you guys opinion. What do you think ? Also what is your favorite color for a nav bar ? Mine would be a brownish-woodish kind of color. I like black nav bars but almost every website's nav bar is black.
  6. website: www[dot]LetterPhotography[dot]net Keep in mind my main demographic is women between the ages of 30-60. General feedback I'm looking for: - Functionality, does it appears some functions aren't working properly in your browser - Speed, slow or fast - Call to Action suggestions - Color/font suggestions - Design, does the idea come across immediately or does it take a while to grasp - Could social media icons be placed better - Should I have more examples of the finished product framed and where should I place them. - Anything you can think of. Thanks for your help anyone and everyone. It's greatly appreciated. If it sucks, tell me why. If it's awesome, tell me why. Everything will help. - Tyler
  7. Dear designers and members Greetings, I'm programmer, not good with colors. Here is a site bit.ly/thehi I want to get help for. It has a layout which remains as it is but need help with colors. Please don't laugh, if you do please don't hesitate to drop some words Kind Regards