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Found 5 results

  1. How can i start SEO for a ASP.net? Can it is same as wordpress, PHP website to rank ? Website speed is also too slow how can i boost that as i don't know anything about dotnet coding. Is google preferred ASP.net website to rank in search engines.?
  2. Hi, I am the founder of WWW.ONLINECARBOOTY.COM which was the first Online Car Boot Sale ever created. The site now boasts over 100,000 members but we're always trying to improve things. We don't have a big budget like the big boys and have recently changed the look of the site and tried to make it look right on mobile and desktop. Until now, it used to have a seperate site for mobiles. I just wanted to ask what you guys thought of the site, design and responsiveness as we would love any positive or negative feedback. Many thanks, Mark at OCB
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to make a PHP script that can log into www.laterooms.com/hoteliers My dad runs a small hotel and I want to help him out by making it easier for him to log in from the little managament site I created for him. I've logged in to "regular" web pages before, by using the POST function of a html form. The difference here is that the login form doesn't use POST. I've no experience with asp.net and so I have no idea how I can supply the login credentials to the server. If anyone has experience with these technologies and has some spare time, could you post a little PHP script snippet that can log in to this website and retrieve the web page response in a html form? Alternatively, could you point me in the right direction? Tried google but it was of no help. Also, is there a way to keep cookies in PHP? (Like a cookie container in Python or C#?) Thank you for your time!
  4. jojeangel

    ASP.net Buttons colour issue

    Good Morning People , I am having weried problem which really effect my design my layout ...etc , the issue is that I choose the following #3A5673 , in deskto browser the color as i want , when in say desktop browser i mean over windows machine and Mac Machine over Firefox , Safari , Chrome , IE , ...etc as shown in below picture However, the website when i am using it over IPAD the colour totally shade diffrently which is the below I am using ASP.NET 4.5 over server IIS7 , 2008 R 2 So , any body knows how to fixt that and make them with same shade , I know it look silly request but is important to me , so thank you in advance , and help
  5. Hi Guys, Right - Myself and my business Partner has been building a social network over the past 2 years. We're liturally got a small list of tasks to complete so we can have a launch for early january. We've been working through the nights and I think we now need a extra pair of hands to push us through. Anyone who is interested needs to know that the site back end is huge. The person we choose for this job has a good chance of becoming a late founder of the site if they want to continue to work with us once we've sucessfully recieved investment. Please see below the skills needed for the job:- ASP.net MS SQL 2008 Linq to Entity HTML/CSS Javascrip/Jquery Experience with Mobile would be huge benefit (IOS& Android) Facebook API & Twiiter API also Benefit (as we have facebook intergration) The website is liturally 95% complete - The main tasks we will need you to do is the following:- Internal private mail (able to attach image/documents) to user's and busiensses signed up to the site.A proper Inbox, E-mail preview like Ebay and Facebook would have Finish Email Notifications - Newsletters and normal social media notifications Create Step by step turorials for new user's...As if your a new user on a site and they offer a quick tutorial to get you to grips with the site We have more work after this but the above tasks is what is needed for get us launched. (all of the above points has already have had development so it's really finishing them off) If anyone is interested in a bit of work,a project with the potential to become a developer at a start up with potential investment then contact us. This is not a job for newby this is someone who we can also learn from. Please get back to us if your interested, we'll discuss this properlly - Show you the work needed and then arrange a rate to start working with us. Also, The person will also need to have passion for what they do. Anyone interested send me a buzz...this is a great opportunity for someone to join us just before launch. Steve