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  1. PHPBB3

    Hi everyone, Its been a while since ive used this forum, but it has always helped me out in the past, so here i am again. My wife has recently started a new forum, and installed it using PHPBB3 ( http://www.kingdomsofsimir.com/ ) but i am unable to find out how i am able to add extra toolbars to the left, like her old site: http://simir.b1.jcink.com/ Is this possible in PHPBB3? If so, how do you go about doing it? is it a plug in? al we want to do is add the ability to link to static pages/galleries, and also add in a Cbox. Thankyou for your time in reading this, Any help is much appreciated. Karl
  2. Hey

    Hello and welcome to the forum. if you want to ask any questions, or jsut get a general chat, feel free to drop me a PM. Karl
  3. Ive also recommending getting some experience in some of the software that is about - particularly ecommerce ones - as alot of clients will be looking for that too. Have you got any portfolio or anything similar already done?
  4. Alligning images and information

    Hi Dap, Thanks for the help. The underlining is not my decision, trust me. Didnt realise about the spanish set either, probably because this is only the 2nd site ive done in spanish. Karl
  5. Alligning images and information

    How stupid of me not to include it. http://www.reaperwebdesign.co.uk/allignmenttest/producttest1.htm There is also a header etc, but as this is just in testing, i havnt included that all yet. Need to sort the table problem first. http://www.reaperwebdesign.co.uk/allignmenttest/producttest2.htm That is the one i did using divs, and it worked fine at one point for IE but not FF, and then when i used a different version of IE it also didnt work. I think tables may be the better option (it is fairly tabular data after all) but i just need to get it to allign the text at the top. thanks
  6. Alligning images and information

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing a site for a friend, and its hit a snag. I am trying to allign some images and a set of text to go next to it. Ideally, i want the information to sit with the top line in line with the image, leavinga blank space next to the bottom of the image (where the images are too long). So far ive tried to do it using both a table (and it put the text in the middle next to the image) - can this be modified to tell the table i want the text at the top? Ive also tried to do it using floats and divs but IE and FF have decided they hate me, adn dont want to work cross browser. Any help is appreciated, thanks Reaper
  7. Need to pay income tax on money earned, VAT is paid on items/services purchased.
  8. hello everyone

    Hi Roadster, welcome to the forums. I will try to help out as best i can to answer your questions. I see it from the other side, as i am a xhtml/css and SEO specialist, but dont do any graphic design. If i was in your position, i would try to get a portfolio together, and send it out to anybody that is interested (even if just to people like me that outsource graphic design work). For the courses, there arent really many around, with alot of them just giving you a certificate in the end. If you can find someone to take you under their wing, then the experience will be worth far more than the courses. Where do you stand if you had to do some voluntary work? Most juniors would earn around £6/hour, so depending on your current situation, you may actually take a drop in income whilst you start out (particularly if you start out voluntarily whilst you build up your contacts) Hope this has given you something to think about, Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to discuss anything in particular. Reaper
  9. Twitter Feeds?

    Yea, it is great, but ive still not worked out how to make it show more than 1 notification.
  10. BUT if you are regularly earning money on the side, then you need to register as self employed as well as the day job, like i am. Reaper
  11. I would recommend speaking to your tax office too. The exemption (wether its £5k or £6.5k) will apply to your joint income. So your fulltime job is more than likely taking all of the exemption allowance up, meaning you should be paying tax and NI on ALL of your webdesign earnings.
  12. Twitter Feeds?

    Thanks for the help guys. Its been really useful. Greg - thats a great piece of code, is there a way to use that, but so it shows 3 or 4 different types?
  13. Twitter Feeds?

    Hi everyone, Ive been playing around with a few things recently, and one of them is Twitter. Does anyone know any good guides online to add a twitter feed onto a basic xhtml site? thanks Reaper
  14. NHS Advice

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here has experience of this, and would be able to give some advice. Someone very close to me was on anti-depressents for a long time (prozac for 8 years and venlafaxine for 2 years). They were effectively completely emotionally numb about 50% of the time, with them constantly feeling really rough, with mood swings, so the doctors lowered the dose and took them off it about 6 months ago. In the last month, the mood swings have been back, so our local doctor recommended councilling, to try and get to the heart of the problem causing the depression. Here is where the problems start, it took 2 weeks to get an "assessment" with someone who speaks practically no english, and their "solution" was to "go back onto the tablets" which cause the problems, but to then add to it, theyve changed it to something stronger, that is causing them to fall asleep 1 hour after taking them. She has been told that she will need to take these tablets for 6 weeks, continuing to gradually increase the dose for the next 4 weeks, but the only thing that has happened so far, is that she falls asleep just after she takes them. After the 6 weeks, she can have another "assessment" to decide if the medicine is working. It appears that counselling is just a false promise that will never happen, and i know she doesnt intend to spend the next 30 years of her life getting up for work, going to work, getting home, eating, taking a tablet and falling asleep by 9pm. Is there anything we can do/anyone we can go to to ensure that we get the counselling to fix the problem, rather than just let it go on in a never ending cycle of tablets that will eventually just make her worse? Any help is appreciated, thanks Karl
  15. Do you have the name already sorted? do you have any previous clients willing to refer you to friends? How are you intending to generate business. you will need to definately look at this if you are going to quit another job. Karl