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  1. Yoho! It's been a long time since I even looked at a snippet of code. So what's new?
  2. It's nice, I don't like the page transition though. The timing feels inconsistent (because you have long and short pages, divvied between x time). What's the reasoning behind the slide up slide out? Is it instead of a loading buffer or just for show?
  3. Any rock/metal band I don't know?

    +1 For white zombie. Try Arch Enemy, Seether, BFMV, Hoobastank based on the artists you posted. Have a look at Fort Minor, Which is Mike Shinoda's (?) side project from Linkin Park. It's like marmite. It's not really my genre anymore, so i'm struggling to remember bands I used to like :B
  4. Mac Keyboard Alternatives

    Anyone know any good alternatives to the mac keyboard? I'm looking for one with the correct buttons, a numpad and preferably a bluetooth or wifi connection. I can't seem to find anything that matches that criteria Even if it doesn't match my criteria, can you post any you know/have/love. Thanks
  5. Best IDE

    I'm sure I have seen a LESS plugin for netbeans. IDE's are down to preference more than anything, I know a few people who love Dreamweaver. Me personally, I could never get to grips with it. These are the only few that I've tried/used in the past that I think are worthwhile mentioning. I'm sure others will chime some more in too Aptana PHPDesigner 8 PHPStorm
  6. It's fine maxed out in chrome at 3840x1080. So yeah, probably the browser. Try using a reset in the css, it generally stops most cross browser quirks in their tracks. http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/
  7. positioning causing unwanted overflow.

    You're <p> tag has an inline style of left:600px. change this to margin-left and it should fix the scrollbar problem. </div><!--close mainscroll--> <img src="images/map_big.png" width="700" height="505" style=" padding: 0; padding-left:40px; position:relative; top:-350px;" /> <p style=" position:relative; top: -400px; left: 600px;"><a href="#top">Back to the top </a><img src="images/uparrow.png" width="9" height="9" /></p> <script> P.S. It generally works better if you use absolute positioning within a relative container. So making the wrapper absolute, you'd be positioning stuff within the confines of that wrapper, as opposed to the document boundaries.
  8. ecommerce without any knowledge

    You could try Magento Go - http://go.magento.com/ I've heard some positive things about it. It's more of an entry level approach for small-medium enterprises. It still packs everything you should need, just without so much capital outlay. Or try Shopify, Seems to be ridiculously popular. Edit: Just remember that a SKU is any variation. So if you're selling one item available in 4 colours = 4 Sku Codes.
  9. Issues With Chrome & Safari

    All there in Chrome; So either you've fixed it, or you haven't done a full refresh on the page. CTRL + SHIFT + R will reload everything, and not take it from the cache.
  10. Hide div if image not found

    You can pull meta data from the images, I don't know how plausible that approach would be for you as someone (probably the editors) would have to add the meta data into the image. Meta data can hold alot of useful information, Including things like descriptions, url's, copyrights, authors and so on. And that data will be available wherever the image is transferred (i.e clients computer) and for whoever's using it (search engines, third parties etc.) Just some food for thought.
  11. Web Development Software

    Old thread I've recently fallen in love with PHPDesigner 8. It's a decent price too, €29 for a personal licence (2 computers) and €69 for a commercial license (3 computers). Feature wise it's not quite up their with the top dollar IDE's, but it's pretty solid, and got pretty much everything I need. Watch the video, see what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcnV9tOC24M&fmt=18
  12. E-Commerce Failings

    I've never had a problem with Ebuyer... my card has my first name in full. Amazon just kills me with all the postal charges. I'm a Tad jealous on the monitor, mine's just bulked out by the million i/o ports stuffed into the back. Kinda wish my ports were in the stand now...
  13. http://punbb.informer.com/ Easiest PHP bulletin board software I know. Good luck
  14. People usually include index pages in all folders to prevent Directory Indexes showing, for those who never bother to disable them. You can use a <base> tag to help define a an absolute root for all relative url's, Personally i think it's one of those often overlooked tags which is actually pretty useful.
  15. Last time I looked their were a few companies offering 0800 numbers on a 'minutes' style package. I.E £30 a month would allow you to take 1500 minutes worth of calls. If you're small, these could always be a viable route to take. Not sure what happens when the minutes run out though Edit: The main attraction, as I see it, with a non geographical number, it's far cheaper & easier to move than a geographical number.