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  1. Pre Built themes have come a long way since 10 years ago and there are 1000s to choose from. Picking one most likely won't convey your message 100%, but as a start I'll be happy with 80% of the message being conveyed, which I think is doable with the right theme.
  2. I have little doubt that a custom theme for the brand I'm trying to build is better. What I am saying is, given that I am just starting out with zero customers, I have no data about my customers, I can't run surveys on them ..etc I think right now it would be better to start with a good theme, once I have a good flow of customers, I can then probe their desires and dislikes and know about their location and age group through Analytics, then I can make a more informed decision on the custom design.
  3. Oh that is good to know. I'll be adding some call to action on the image. It won't be just an image
  4. I can see this working nicely for me, but I don't know if I can get the shop to appear underneath that landing banner/slider.
  5. Hehe yes that is eBay for you You always have to scroll down to read the descriptions The one might do the job, but it doesn't speak premium quality. It is like it was done by a n00b.
  6. That is what I'm afraid of @Fisicx. I'm just starting out and don't want to be paying £1000s for something that will increase my sales by say 5%. Cause that wouldn't be worth it when you do the cost calculations. If a good $60 a theme would help me get established and get customers flowing and help me get big, then I can worry about paying for a custom design when the time comes. A time when a 5% increase in sales is way above the cost of the design. But if the pre-made theme is a terrible idea that won't help me land orders at all, then a custom theme is the way. Right now, I'm leaning towards finding a good pre-made theme, but still can't make my choice. Here is my eBay listing which I paid a designer a lot of money to make.
  7. Thanks Fuzzy. Can you link us to some sites that do convey their message and do communicate through their design?
  8. Thanks fisicx. I've never done any paid advertising such as Google AdWords. I'll look into that. I was thinking of using nopCommerce, but that doesn't have many themes, paid or otherwise. I know WooCommerce with WordPress is popular, but again, I can't find any themes that feel right with the brand I'm trying to establish.
  9. What do you guys have in mind when you talk about "research"? I am a Web Developer by trade and I work for a large corporation. When they do User Research, they go to an agency and spend £1000s to get users sat down in front of the web application we've development and get feedback from them. Obviously I cannot carry out such research, so what is one in my situation ought to do? How am I supposed to research what design users like? I can't pay for multiple designs either. Any thoughts?
  10. Do any of you have any case studies that have shown how a change in design from the standard theme to a custom designed one has affected business performance (backed by numbers)?
  11. Thanks guys. I already have the content. I have my product pictures (I can take those myself too if need be as photography is a passion of mine). I have the descriptions and categories as well. The design needs to target health conscious people as the site will sell Yerba Mate, a beverage from South America. Yerba Mate is well known for its health benefits, so the design needs to have an organic, natural, authentic feel to it. I personally think it is the designer's job to come up with the Wireframes, after all he/she would know best no? @FuzzyLogic great pointers about what to ask for, thank you.
  12. Hello Friends I signed up to Dribbble in order to contact designers and see how much they would charge for the design of an eCommerce website. Their prices are really high, to me at least. Like $120 an hour! Is that normal? And if so, how many hours would the design of an eCommerce website take? With hourly work I'm always afraid that the designer can lie about how many hours he / she has worked. He/She could have finished the work in 15 hours, but tell the customer it has taken them 25 hours! I'm sure you've all had this worry previously, it is one of the reasons I prefer a fixed up-front cost. I know you won't be able to give an exact answer to my question, but roughly what price should I be looking to pay for the design of a kickass eCommerce website? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  13. Ciwan

    Node and Gulp. What should I check into Git?

    Is it a matter of adding everything that cannot be generated? If that is the case, then I need to exclude: node_modules public/dist Everything else I need, since those won't be generated. On a related note, say someone checks out my solution at a different computer. How would they get node to go through the `package.json` and download all necessary modules? What command should he/she run? Thanks
  14. Hello Friends I am just starting out with NodeJS and Gulp. I have everything working as I want, and I now want to keep track of my changes via Git. What are the files and folder that I should add to `.gitignore`? Attached is the folders I have. Inside public I have two folders. These are `src` and `dist`. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Thanks Robby! I never really understood how to use Kuler. I now it is meant to provide me with colors that supposedly go well together. But what I find difficult is the bit where I as a developer decide what colors go where, and what texture to have .. etc. Still, I believe above, the issue isn't much in the color (maybe a little) but the shape / design of the wizard step is the bigger issue .. no?